Is there a way to instantly feel good

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Can you feel good instantly?

If you read my previous article Why we prefer quick fixes over long term solutions that work you might think that i don't believe in instant happiness but that's not true.

What i believe in is that quick fixes can't result in a permanent mood change because they never tackle the real problems causing pain but this doesn't mean that you can't change your mood instantly using other methods that work.

What i am talking about in this article is not a quick fix that can change your mood right away but it's a real soloution that can be applied on the spot and that can make you feel great.

Why you aren't feeling good right now?

Before you know how to change your mood in seconds you first need to understand why you are feeling that way right now. In my previous article how to change your happiness set point i explained how your current mood is the result of all of the situations you have been through in the past.

This means that your current mood is formed of many different emotions that you acquired as a result of going through various situations in the past. For example you could be feeling guilty right now because of something that you did few days ago.

In addition to that your future expectations also affect your current mood. If you are worried about your future then certainly your current mood will also be changed to account for that.

Now given those facts your mood can actually be changed instantly once you remove the effect of any of the emotions affecting you right now.

How to feel good instantly

Let's take only one emotion for the purpose of simplification. If right now you are feeling bad because you failed your exams 2 times in the past then you can change your mood instantly by convincing your mind that you will never fail again.

In other words once the subconscious mind manages to see a past or a future event in a different way then instant happiness can happen.

In such a case the action required depends on the level of trust between you and your subconscious mind. If your subconscious mind trusts you a lot, because of your previous history, then telling yourself that you won't allow yourself to fail again will be more than enough.

If your subconscious mind doesn't trust you well then you need to provide some kind of a proof such as creating a new studying routine in few minutes. See How to convince your subconscious mind to believe in your plans

Your ability to change your mood instantly will depend greatly upon your ability to convince your subconscious mind to believe in your new plans.

How to feel very happy

Now at any point of time so many different emotions will be affecting your current mood. In order to feel really happy you need to remove as many of those emotions as possible by repeating the same steps above with each of them.

Once done right your mood will get an instant boost and the good news is : this mood boost will last if you were a man of your word and if you kept your promises.

Yes instant happiness is possible but you just need to do it right.

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