My personal experience with mental telepathy

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

My personal experience with mental telepathy

I have a relative who lives in a different country. Because my relative lives far away we rarely contact each other. One day i went to sleep and i saw a very weird dream.

I saw that relative very clearly and vividly. Somehow i knew that he was suffering and that he was asking for help. I don't really remember whether i saw him asking for help or whether i just concluded it from the bad state he was in.

I woke up and realized that this dream was very different than most of the dreams i saw. So the first thing i thought about was reaching out to that relative and checking on him. It would have been weird to tell him that i saw such a dream given the fact that the last time we talked was months ago.

So i decided to check on him normally without mentioning anything about the dream. I contacted him through Facebook and he told me that everything is fine. So i thought it was just a bad dream until days later my mom came and told me that she knew that our relative ,the one i saw in the dream, is in very deep trouble.

Shortly i realized that the dream i saw was after the troubles happened to my relative and so this seemed to me like a cry for help. It seems that my relative has sent me a telepathic message through my dream.

Why i considered this a from of telepathy

There were few things that made that dream so distinct from most of the dreams i saw before. For example:

  • 1) The dream was very clear: The dream was extremely clear and vivid. It was as if i am awake and seeing a vision while i am fully conscious. See Do dreams tell the future
  • 2) There were no symbols: The dream wasn't just clear but it wasn't seen in symbolic form. There were no strange objects, flying chickens, monsters or anything. The dream was direct, to the point and crystal clear. See Why do we dream in symbols.
  • 3) The dream was very intense: Even though the dream was very short still it was very intense. The emotional intensity of the dream motivated me to wake up and check on my relative. It's as if my relative was sending a distress signal asking for help.

Could it be that my relative was trying to reach out for help without realizing he was actually do it?
The fact that he said that he was OK made it seem more logical to me that his subconscious mind was sending a random distress signal not directed to a specific person. See What does it mean when you dream about someone

Why the message reached me?

When my relative got emotionally charged because of the serious problem he was facing his brain found it much easier to send this distress signal.

Now probably this signal reached me because i was tuned to the same frequency he was using. Of course i don't have a prove to that theory but for now it seems like a logical explanation.

Note that in some cases you might dream of a person and your brain might be referring to a totally different person. In other words even the people you see in the dream can be symbols too. In fact this happens most of the time but because that dream was crystal clear and had no other symbols it became clear to me that my brain was referring to that specific person.

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