Signs a woman has daddy issues

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The problem with daddy issues

Women with daddy issues require special treatment. They can very easily feel insecure and unsafe in a relationship. The man who doesn't understand them might think that they are drama queens and fail to explain their behaviour. As a result that man can face serious difficulties in the relationship. See How to handle a woman with daddy issues

Because it is very important to understand whether the woman you are dealing with has daddy issues or not i decided to write this article which will tell you about the signs that show that a woman has unhealed wounds related to her father.

Signs a woman has daddy issues

  • 1) Excessive baby-talk: Baby-Talk is a normal behaviour that most women do. However when the women uses baby-talk very often in a relationship it might mean that she has an unhealed childhood wound. If the woman didn't feel much loved by her father then she might use baby talk to attempt to get some of that love from her relationship partner
  • 2) They always doubt the man's love: A woman with untreated daddy issues will hardly feel loved by her partner. This will lead to an excessive questioning of the partner's intentions when it comes to love and emotions. The woman will always have doubts about her man's love towards her no matter what he does. See Why you should meet the parents before dating someone
  • 3) Very needy behavior: A woman who has daddy issues will usually develop very needy behaviour in the form of demanding more attention and time even when the man is busy working or doing something that requires focus. The woman might interpret the man's absence, even for few hours, as a sign of lack of love. See Why some women are drama queens
  • 4) Overly sexual behaviour: Women with daddy issues might get involved into overly sexual behaviour like initiating sex with random men. Men who don't understand those women might think that they are doing it for the sake of sex while in fact those women do it to feel loved and needed. See Why some women hate sex
  • 5) Dating much older men: In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that people try to compensate for their old wounds by reconstructing the old environment ,they were unfortunate at, in a different way. Women with daddy issues might get attracted to men who are much older. In such a case their subconscious minds want them to get another chance to win the love of a father like figure.
  • 6) They require constant reassurance: Women with daddy issues need to be told that they are loved every now and then else they will start to have doubts and feel insecure about the relationship
  • 7) They misinterpret events: In my previous article How your beliefs and concerns affect your perception i said that we always see things according to our own beliefs. Women with daddy issues always see events according to their own beliefs. Any action done by the man, without any bad intentions, can be interpreted as a sign of lack of love

Heal your wound

If you have daddy issues then know that unless you heal this wound then your relationships are not going to go well. Probably you are going to suffocate the man as you keep asking for constant reassurance or as you keep questioning his intentions.

Childhood wounds can be healed but the first step towards healing them is admitting that there is a problem.

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