Signs of narcissism - how to spot a narcissist

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Narcissism is popular nowadays

Narcissism is more popular nowadays than it was before. Thanks to social media the and new mobile apps that allowed people to grow their narcissistic tendencies.

In many cases it's very useful to find out whether the person you are dealing with is a narcissist or not. If for example you are about to get into a relationship with a person then it would be very useful if you knew that this person is a narcissist during early stages.

In this article i will tell you about some of the signs that can help you spot a narcissist in very early stages. Some of them will even help you do that before interacting with the person.

how to spot a narcissist

  • 1) Exaggerated self-importance: Typical narcissists consider themselves above other people. They see themselves as kings, queens or heroes. By simply listening to how those people praise themselves you can very easily find out whether they are narcissists or not.
  • 2) They look down upon others: Narcissists don't just consider themselves more important than others but they put down large groups of people all the time in order to elevate their worth. Racists for example are very likely to be narcissists. See Why Racism happens
  • 3) They can get very aggressive: A Typical Narcissist can get really aggressive when criticized especially when others are present. Narcissists are famous for getting back aggressively to people who criticize them in public, like on a social network for example. See Why do narcissists like twitter and Instagram
  • 4) They lack empathy: Not all Narcissists lack empathy but generally a Narcissist will have less empathy for others as he justifies things according to his own internal perception. See Why do people see the world differently (perception psychology)
  • 5) Excessive self-praise: Narcissists keep praising themselves all the time. They keep repeating the same statements about themselves in the presence of others in order to show how great they are. See Why do i always attract narcissists
  • 6) Obsession with grandiosity: A typical Narcissist will be obsessed with grandiosity fantasies. A typical narcissist will want to achieve greatness, according to their own standard, and become unlike anybody else. Note that some people could think that way without being narcissists
  • 7) On and off relationships: A Narcissist can change your value or worth from 1 (totally worthy) to zero (totally worthless) or the opposite according to how you treat them. Disrespect a Narcissist or ignore them and they will consider you a Zero. See Do narcissists hate being ignored.
  • 8) Obsessed with social networks: Many Narcissists become obsessed with social networks as they allow them to get the kind of praise they are looking for. This praise could be in the form of getting many likes on their pictures for example.

More signs of narcissism

Narcissists will always seek someone who can provide them with the narcissistic supply or the excessive self praise they are in need of. Narcissists stick to the people who glorify them and help them maintain the image of grandiosity they created in their minds.

Narcissists are usually insecure people who use their narcissism as a way to protect their hurt egos and to prevent further devaluation of their worth.

You can very easily spot a Narcissist from the way they talk, the way they treat others or from their Facebook posts.

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