10 Signs someone is not trustworthy

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The problem with trust issues

One complain i always get from the people i coach is that they opened up to someone too much then ended up being hurt. After people get hurt many of them start to develop irrational fears to the extent they stop trusting people altogether.

Their logic in such a case is simple; If i was hurt so much in the past then i can prevent further hurt by trusting no one. The problem with that approach is that it turns the person into a scared lonely being who ends up socially isolated and depressed.

So what's the right soloution to this problem?
You should learn how to spot untrustworthy people from the beginning and then only allow trustworthy ones in your circle. By doing so you will still have a good social life and the chance of being hurt again will become very low.

This is exactly why i decided to write this article; to tell you how to spot untrustworthy people.

10 Signs someone is not trustworthy

  • 1) They don't get disgusted easily: This might sound strange but it's an extremely accurate way to tell whether someone is honest or not. Studies have shown that people who get disgusted easily usually have very high moral standards such as honesty and integrity. In short beware of those who don't get disgusted easily for their values might be totally messed up. See Why do some people get disgusted easily
  • 2) They put you down indirectly: I am pretty sure you met one of those people who try to put down while acting like they are giving you advice. Those people put you down because they don't want to see you happy. They may act like they love you but the truth is that they hate to see you happy. Those are certainly not trustworthy people. See also 5 reasons those who mock and humiliate you are mentally unstable.
  • 3) They are full of jealousy: Beware of the person who never claps when you succeed. If a person became jealous of you then they might turn into an enemy very easily. Jealous people can easily be spotted as they always seem resentful towards those who have more things than them. See also How to identify jealous people.
  • 4) They never open up: After few meetings a typical person usually opens up and starts talking about their problems. People who open up are usually trustworthy people since no one exposes themselves easily to their enemies. Beware of those who never open up to you. See also How to identify haters and mean people
  • 5) They are very resentful: I am pretty sure you met one of those people who are resentful towards others, large groups of people or even whole races. This person is usually a mentally unstable person who carries lots of grudges towards others. If those people failed to release their grudges properly then they might release them on you. See how to deal with resentful people.
  • 6) They feel good when you fail: In the body language section i made it very clear how to spot people's emotional changes. If a person always feels good when you fail then this is probably an enemy in disguise
  • 7) They lie to others: Don't ever trust the person who lies to someone else in your presence simply because you will be next. See also How to know if someone is lying
  • 8) They gossip a lot: Most people gossip to a certain extent. But if someone gossips about people all the time then probably that person will also gossip about you when they have the chance. In my article Why do people gossip i said that in many cases a person gossips to raise their self esteem and in such a case you shouldn't trust that person
  • 9) They cheat on others: If someone is trying to date you while they are already married then know that there is a great possibility that they are not honest and that they might actually cheat on you in the future
  • 10) They laugh when someone makes fun of you: In previous articles i said that haters become too frustrated when they see the ones they hate. One of the things that makes haters feel great is seeing someone else making fun of you. See also 5 Reasons why a hater might find you ugly

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