10 Signs that show that someone has anxiety problems

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to read people

Human personalities can be easily read once you learn how to connect the dots.
Every single thing that a person does, says, wears, buys, owns or likes can tell you a lot about this person's personality.

In my previous article How to analyze someone's personality i explained how careful observation of people's behaviour can easily reveal a lot about their personalities.

Reading people is thus all about finding subtle signs, that most people ignore, then connecting the dots to find out what's going on. If more than one action or behaviour pointed to the same direction then you can confidently assume that your conclusion is right.

10 Signs that show that someone has anxiety problems

  • 1) They use fear related words: A person who has worries or anxieties will probably use the word "Afraid" a lot or any of its synonyms. All normal people use those words but the overuse of such words can reflect the person's own concerns about their fears and the scary things in life. See How the words people say reflect their personalities
  • 2) They always notice the threats: Some people seem to notice all possible threats even the ones that seem very less likely. Those people will usually warn you about one of your actions while explaining how it could lead to a bad outcome. If the person does so often then probably they feel too anxious and worried. What is the purpose of worrying
  • 3) They triple check on things: A normal person might double check on something but a person with anxiety problem will probably triple check or even check more than three times. While the person might not have OCD still they might try to check over some things many times just because they are worried
  • 4) They are overly cautious: Some people are more cautious than others but when the person becomes overly cautious then know that there is a possibility that they suffer from some kind of anxiety. Driving extremely slowly or not talking much in the presence of others are some clear signs of anxiety. See Why are some people overly cautious
  • 5) They worry about little things: People who worry often about little things, such as the mobile running out of charge for example, are very likely to be worriers. When worrying becomes a thinking pattern a person will worry about big things as well as small things. See Why some people worry more than others
  • 6) They hate change: Most people don't like change however those who stick to routine all the time and those who hate change a lot might be suffering from some kind of anxiety
  • 7) They fear many things: Psychological problems usually come in clusters. When a person develops one kind of anxiety they will usually develop several related and unrelated fears. If a person kept taking about more than one fear then probably they have anxiety problems. See How to become fearless in life
  • 8) They become obsessed with control: When a person becomes obsessed with being in control then know that there is a big possibility that they suffered a lot because of lack of control. When a person becomes obsessed with hand washing, putting everything in place or controlling things then know that this person might be suffering from anxiety. See Why worrying is one form of OCD
  • 9) They say they are not afraid: People who talk about fear are usually the ones who feel afraid. Those who don't have a certain kind of fear never actually think about the process because fear doesn't come to their conscious attention. Next time someone tells you that they are not afraid know that they are
  • 10) They bite their nails often: According to body language nail biting is usually a sign of stress and worry. If the person bites their nails often then probably they have some anxieties

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