The body language of a hater

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Very important warning about identifying haters

In my previous article How to identify haters and mean people i mentioned various signs that could help you identify haters and single them out.

In this article i am going to focus on the body language signs that can let you conclude that someone is a hater. Now there is a very important warning that you must put into consideration before reading further.

In body language there are some stand alone signs that can indicate the presence of a certain emotion right away and there are also signs that are not sufficient on their own to prove the existence of a certain emotion.

When it comes to hatred all of the signs are not stand alone signs and so you must always examine those signs while taking into consideration the context of the situation.

The reason i had to give that warning is that if you didn't understand it you will end up believing that everyone hates you.

Body language signs of hatred

Keep in mind that each sign could have a different meaning based on the situation it occurred at.

  • 1) Not staying close: When people feel uncomfortable around someone they won't allow him to get closer or invade their private space. This works in an opposite way if people were interested in someone. See also signs of interest.
  • 2) Touching the nose: A person will touch his nose when something negative happens. If someone touched their nose as soon as they heard that you succeeded at something then this can be a clear sign of hatred or at least jealousy. See Touching the nose in body language
  • 3) Touching brows when something bad happens to you: Touching the brows in body language is the opposite of touching the nose. It happens when the person finds that something positive has happened. If the person touched his brows right after hearing that your business failed or that you got bad grades then this might be a sign of hatred. See touching brows in body language
  • 4) Straight back: When a person hears about good news his back will usually become straighter. The opposite will happen if the person heard bad news. Now if someone's back got straighter as soon as he heard bad news about you then this could be a clear sign of hatred
  • 5) No touching: people don't feel comfortable touching a person they don't like. If a person touched you while talking or sitting beside you then know that they probably don't hate you. The opposite is true
  • 6) Reduced eye contact: If a person hates you then probably he won't look towards you often. This can also happen if the person is shy or if he doesn't care about you. See Eye contact in body language
  • 7) Greeting you with a fake smile: A genuine smile moves many of the facial muscles. A fake smile on the other hand moves the muscles around the mouth only
  • 8) sitting far away: If a person doesn't like you they are very likely to sit far away from you even if there was an empty chair next to you

Why extra care must be taken

Extra care must be taken because each of those signs can happen for different reasons. Let's take touching the nose, which indicates that the person got a negative thought, as an example. The person might touch his nose right after knowing that you succeeded because of remembering that he failed.

Now this doesn't mean that the person hates you but it just means that he felt bad for himself. In short you must be very cautions when analyzing those signs for they can have different meanings in different situations.

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