The personality of person who drives a 4x4

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

There are no fixed rules in psychology

One of the mistakes many people make when they read about psychology is that they assume that there are fixed rules. For example some people might assume that if a person drives a certain type of car then he must have a certain personality.

And while this can sometimes be true the general rule of psychology states that there are no rules. Let's agree on something first. Anything that a person does , says, buys or chooses reflects parts of his personality but you will only get to understand his personality if you connected the dots together. See analyzing people's behavior.

In other words we can safely assume that a person who drives a certain type of car , be it a 4x4, will fall into one of several personality categories. Thus ruling out the correct possibility requires taking a look at the other things the person owns or chooses.

Why do people drive 4x4 cars

Now that you are aware of how things work we can safely move on to guessing the possible reasons behind such a choice.

  • 1) Believes in power: A person who chooses a large car be it a 4x4 or a certain kind of jeep might be obsessed with power. This person might have the belief that power is the best way to resolve conflicts. By riding such a car that person gives himself the chance to ram other cars. Even though the person might never do so he will still feel better driving such a car
  • 2) Wants to be powerful: In another case the person who rides such a car might want to become more powerful or might even believe that he doesn't have enough power. In such a case by getting a powerful car the person will have achieved one of his needs which is becoming more powerful. See Why do people strive for power
  • 3) The person is Adventurous: A person can buy one of those cars without having the whole power issue in his mind. That person can simply be adventurous and just wants a car that can give him maximum freedom.
  • 4) Aggression tendencies: An aggressive person is more likely to go for a large or big car just because it would allow him to achieve his goals much easier. If that person got angry his car will help him scare away those who stand in his way. The same apply for those who buy trucks
  • 5) Bad past experience: A person can go for one of those cars just because he had bad past experience with normal cars. If for example a person believed that his old small car was too unsuitable for the environment then he might feel like wanting to get a one that is totally different from the one he had

Are there other reasons?

Of course there are. Just as i said in the beginning of the article every person is a totally different case and the motives that drive a person's actions might be very different than the motives driving the actions of another person.

The key here is looking at the behaviour of that person to see whether one of those theories will match with it or not. If for example that person is eager to build muscles then we might be moving towards one of the power theories.

If that person does adventurous things like skydiving or biking then we might be moving toward the adventure loving theory.

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