This is why your house is depressing

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Everything affects your mood

Every single little thing that you get exposed to affects your mood. The things that you see, the things that you interact with, the sounds that you hear and almost everything that reaches your senses affects your mood to a certain extent.

This also means that the environment you are in can greatly affect your mood.
How would you feel if you were sitting on a calm beach that has no people?
Now how would you feel on a busy street with lots of noise and traffic jams?

And because every single little thing that reaches your senses affects your mood your house actually has a dramatic impact on your overall mood.

This is why your house is depressing

  • 1) It is cluttered: When you see a cluttered space you get tensed up and you experience stress. This will add to any bad mood that you are feeling including depression. This Clutter also can remind you of many of the cluttered problems in your life and so change your mood to the worse. See How to make your room stress free
  • 2) It has poor lighting: Poor lighting is one of the factors that can cause depressive moods. If your house does not allow enough sun rays to get in or if it has poor lighting then it might make you feel down and depressed. See also How to cure depression naturally
  • 3) It has dark furniture: Dark furniture , especially dark brown, can make you feel much worse about yourself. Combine this with poor lighting and your house will become overly depressive. White furniture or light brown furniture can have a positive impact on your mood.
  • 4) It has white light: Some people like white light but it can cause depressive moods for large numbers of people. We humans need sunlight in order to feel good and the yellow light can help us feel good to a certain extent. White Light however can worsen our moods, make us look older, tired and uglier. See 5 reasons A Mirror Can't Really Tell You How You Look Like
  • 5) It has bad memories: When bad memories are created they are connected to the place they happened in. If you keep fighting with your family members or if you experience a lot of stress in your house the probably you will get very stressed the moment you get into the house. On the long term this can cause depression. See also How depression affects your choice of clothes
  • 6) It has old furniture: The problem with old furniture isn't that it looks old but its all about the thoughts that come to your mind when you see it. Old furniture can remind you indirectly of poverty, poor living conditions, financial problems and so many other things that can ruin you mood. Again it's not about the furniture itself but its about the thoughts it triggers. See Why your depression is not going away.
  • 7) It's in a bad neighborhood: If your house is located in a bad neighborhood then there is a chance that it will make you feel bad about yourself. Your identity in such a case will be connected to this bad neighborhood and so you might end up hating your house

Make some changes

The good news here is that many of the things i described above can be changed with very little money.
Your house is the place you spend most of the time at and so it makes a lot of sense that you invest some time and effort in it to make sure it promotes a good mood.

And even if you don't have any money then just make sure that your house is always clean and tidy.
This alone can do miracles.

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