Those methods will never help you stop worrying

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why the popular advice won't work

I have said in many of my previous articles that the information that can be found on worrying online is usually inaccurate and ineffective. I don't really understand why some bloggers and health professionals give advice that hardly work. So instead of just blaming others and being passive i decided to correct this problem by writing a series of articles about worrying to help people find the right information to combat worrying.

One of the things i noticed in most of the articles about worrying is that they repeat the same advice over and over even though many of those advice never work. In this article i will tell you about some of those common advice and explain in detail why they can't help you in dealing with worrying.

Worrying advice that will never work

  • 1) Tell your mind to stop: One of the most popular advice i come across for dealing with worrying is just asking the mind to stop worrying or forcing it not to worry. According to many studies any kind of thought suppression that you will try to do will backfire. In one study it was found that trying to suppress thoughts by force only makes them stronger and the reason is very simple. If someone is knocking on your door and you ignored them won't they knock even harder? This is exactly what your mind does. Your mind sends you some signals in the form of emotions to notify you about something and if you ignored those signals then your mind will send more powerful signals. Unlike the person who knocks the door your mind will never leave until it delivers the message. See where do emotions come from
  • 2) Learn to embrace uncertainty: For the first instance this might seem like a smart advice. Many studies have shown a strong connection between a person's inability to tolerate uncertainty and the habit of worrying. But the important question here is, can a person learn to tolerate uncertainty when it comes to a matter that he cares a lot about? The short answer is no. Yes you might be able to teach yourself to tolerate uncertainty in some situations but when it comes to worrying about losing a job or something that really matters then this advice will be totally ineffective. See The desire to be in control promotes worrying
  • 3) Keep yourself busy: Keeping yourself busy to end worrying is like trying to distract yourself while there is a fire in your house. Your mind wants you to pay attention to a very important matter , at least according to its perception, and by distracting yourself or trying to keep yourself busy you will only make your mind more furious. Just try to enjoy a movie while worrying about a very important matter and see if you will be able to focus or if your mind will leave you alone. Your mind will just punish you by preventing you from enjoying whatever you are doing just to capture your attention. See Why keeping yourself busy never treats depression
  • 4) Workout: Working out is definitely a great thing and certainly it can improve the mood but it will never help you end worrying for good. I spoke before in many of my articles about trying to solve a problem by doing something totally unrelated to it. It's the same thing as reading a book whenever you feel hungry. Yes the book will bring you some benefits but shortly your mind and stomach will remind you of hunger again. This is also what so many people mistakenly do when they try to end depression. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that most people remain depressed because they do everything but tackle the direct cause of depression
  • 5) Live in the moment: Living in the moment is a great thing because it allows you to focus on what's happening but the important question is, how can a person live in the moment when he is extremely concerned about something that might happen in the future? If your mind is busy thinking about something , even on the unconscious level, then it will never allow you to live in the moment but instead it will keep distracting you with those negative thoughts in order to catch your attention.

So how to end worrying?

So if most of the advice people give don't work then how can a person end worrying?
I don't like to write duplicate or redundant content and this is why i will just give you links to many of the other articles where i wrote about the solutions to end worrying. Check the links below.

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