What causes backward thinking

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Backward thinking is harmful

In my previous article Why Backward thinking is bad i explained how backward thinking can force you to live in the past and prevent you from making any new progress in your life.

Yes in some cases backward thinking can help but in many cases it will slow you down and even ruin your life. This is why it's very important to understand what causes backward thinking so that you can stop it.

What causes backward thinking

So What causes backward thinking?
And why would someone stick to the old school that doesn't work even though an innovative idea can help him out?

There are so many possible reasons for backward thinking. Here are some of them:

  • 1) False beliefs: The number one reason for backward thinking is the development of false beliefs about the possibility of doing certain things. As soon as a person thinks that he is stuck or that his future attempts won't work then he is very likely to get attached to the past and forget about the future. See Why do people develop limiting beliefs
  • 2) Loss of hope: Loss of hope is a direct result of the development of false beliefs. When a person loses hope on the future he will find nothing to think of but the past. When future possibilities
    die the person gets stuck in the past. See Depression and false beliefs
  • 3) Fear of doing something new: The desire to remain inside the comfort zone is a powerful desire that many people can't resist. When that desire becomes strong ,because of fear for example, then the person might fear trying anything new and might end up being a backward thinker
  • 4) Low self esteem: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that when a person loses faith in himself he might try to avoid taking risks and so he might get forced to stick to what he already knows
  • 5) Laziness: Believe it or not laziness is a powerful factor that could make a person a backward thinker. Doing anything new requires a lot of learning and effort, as a result some people choose not to go through that path and instead they stick to their old methods
  • 6) Having little time: If a person has a very busy schedule then there is a big chance that he won't find time to explore or innovate. This person is very likely to remain stuck with the old methods for the sake of maintaining his efficiency. Type A personalities are very likely to be backward thinkers unless they provide themselves with more free time for the sake of exploration

How to be a forward thinker

Just as you saw there are many reasons that can make you a backward thinker. While there might be more reasons i believe i pointed out the major ones that would be responsible for most of the cases of backward thinking.

The first thing you need to do to become a forward thinker is to understand your psychology perfectly so that you find out which of those reasons made you a backward thinker.

Next you need to work on that specific reason and deal with it. In addition to that you need to force yourself to explore new methods of thinking and to try strategies that you have never tried before.

When innovation becomes a habit you will easily be a forward thinker.

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