What causes sudden depression

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

When depression happens instantly

People get depressed for various reasons.
In some cases the depression happens gradually as the time passes.
In some cases the depression happens much quicker.
While in some cases the depression happens all of a sudden.

This type of instant depression usually puzzles those who don't understand how depression works. Today i am going to explain to you why might be feeling great then all of a sudden you get depressed and experience all of the symptoms of depression.

People who don't understand how emotions work quickly label themselves as Bipolar just because they can't explain what is that happening to them. See also Why you are not bipolar

What Causes sudden depression

We all face different kinds of problems on different days. Some of those problems affect us slightly, some of those problems don't affect us while some of them might affect us badly.

Now the important question here is: why would a problem cause sudden depression instead of sadness, irritation or just a bad mood?

In order for a problem to result in a sudden depression the two following conditions might be met:

  • 1) The problem affected a life area that you care about a lot: In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that when the problem hits a life area that you are extremely concerned about then this problem is probably going to result in a big emotional response. See also Why we stop caring about everything when we become depressed
  • 2) The problem seems to have no soloution: This is the root cause of depression. Believing that a problem has no possible soloution is the ultimate reason why depression happens. Depression is a state of helplessness that we reach when we believe that nothing can be done to fix a life area that we truly care about. See What causes depression

The main problem here is not that a problem happened for not each problem causes depression. The main problem is that this problem seems to have no soloution based on your current resources. See also Creating new options can help you end depression

In other words if you were better equipped to face this problem then probably you wouldn't have felt depressed. Once you believe that you are stuck and that there is no way out depression kicks in. See Why so many people are depressed.

But no major problem happened to me

Some people might get confused when they read the previous information because of believing that their depression happened for no reason. Those people are actually right when they describe what happened to them.

A person was feeling OK then all of a sudden without any major event happening they became depressed.
What happened here?

The answer is very simple. Some kind of information processing happened in that person's brain about an important matter. The result of this processing made the person conclude that one of their existing problems can never be solved.

This processing can either be conscious or unconscious and this explains why your mood might change all of a sudden without any kind of warning signs. See Causes of severe mood swings.

No, you are not bipolar.
And there is no problem with your brain's chemistry.
You just have no idea how your emotions change or how your brain works.

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