What is the purpose of worrying

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why worrying is totally misunderstood

Psychologists these days have the habit of classifying people into major categories according to their symptoms in order to give themselves the feeling that they understand those people.

You tell one of them that your mood swings wildly and they tell you that you have bipolar depression. You tell another one that you worry about so many things and they quickly tell you that you have generalized anxiety disorder.

But the two major factors many of those people missed are:

  • 1) Each case is totally different: 100 persons can worry about everything for 100 different reasons. In order to truly understand the root cause of a serious mental problem we need to look at each case individuality
  • 2) Every emotion serves a purpose: A large number of people deal with emotions as if they are totally purposeless and this is why they try to silence them using medication instead of actually trying to understand them. See Why worrying is not pointless & Where do emotions come from

This is simply why your worrying problem and all other mental problems have never went away. The emotions you are experiencing serve a very important purpose but as long as you ignore that purpose and try to fit yourself into one of the popular classifications you are going to reach no where.

Do you know why those psychologists tried to fit you into one of those categories?
It's simply because they have no idea what's happening with you.

What is the purpose of worrying

If you have a job interview that will determine your career path then certainly you are going to worry. In such a case worrying is nothing more than a signal sent to you by your brain asking you to do your best to prepare yourself for that interview so that you do well.

In other words your brain wants you to work hard to prepare yourself.
Now use medication, meditation, mindfulness or whatever thing you can come across and your worries will still be there simply because you never got yourself prepared. See Why Meditation never worked for you & Why keeping yourself busy when facing a problem never works.

Worrying is a purposeful emotion sent to you by your mind in order to motivate you to do one thing which is to move or to take actions. When people worry they do every single thing that they could possibly do but the one thing that they should do.

People try to kill worrying instead of responding to it and this is why their worries never go away. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that people do the exact same with depression. They try to kill the symptoms of depression instead of trying to respond to the signal sent to them by their brains in the form of depression.

Failing to understand the worrying signal

So many people think that the example i described above can be categorized under rational worrying and that other types of worrying are totally irrational. See Why you are worrying for no reason.

This is of course totally wrong. All types of worrying are rational and they serve a specific purpose but it's the fact that you don't always understand the purpose that makes you think that some kind of worries are irrational.

Let me give you one example of worrying that many people consider irrational in order to explain to you what i mean.

Some people worry about death all the time. For most people this would seem like an irrational worry. Why would a young healthy person worry about death day and night?

The simple explanation lies in the mind's true intention behind that type of worrying. Could this be your minds own way of pushing you to succeed because your life seems meaningless? Could it be that your mind doesn't want you to work and so it's making you think that you are dying anyways in order to relief you from guilt?

The purpose can differ from a person to another but in the end there will always be a purpose and the fact that you don't quite understand the purpose doesn't mean that your worrying is irrational.

You do not have GAD
You do not need medication
You just need to understand exactly what your mind is trying to tell you.
And this will never happen before you start listening to it.
This is exactly why humans worry.

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