What makes a man's face attractive

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

1- Angry looks

Women find the man with a natural angry expression on his face more attractive than the man who looks nice and kind. The angry face makes the man seem strong, masculine and dominant. All of those traits are very appealing to women and this is why they find men with angry faces attractive.

Eyebrows that are very close the eyes can give the man an angry look and make him look more dangerous. See 5 reasons an angry face makes a man more attractive

2- Higher FWHR ratio

A higher facial-width-to-height-ratio makes a man seem more dominant and attractive. According to this ratio the width of the face is the distance between the two ears while the height is the distance from the upper lip to the eyebrows. Men who have higher FWHR seem more dominant and masculine. See also Face shape in face reading

3- Subtle facial hair

Studies have shown that women find the men with subtle facial hair the most attractive. Too much facial hair might be attractive to some women while a clean shaven beard might be attractive to another group. According to a study the majority of women preferred men with subtle facial hair. See also 7 reasons you why should date someone with a beard

4- Clear masculine features

Any well defined masculine feature makes a man's face more attractive. A strong well defined jaw, protruding cheek bones, small eyes and large noses are all signs of masculinity.

When i talked about the psychology of attraction before i said that women are hard wired to find men with masculine faces more attractive than men with less masculine faces.

5- Facial symmetry

Facial symmetry is one of the facial features that appeals to both males and females. We humans are hard wired to get attracted to people who have symmetrical faces.

The symmetry of the face is a very good indication of the genetic health of the person. We humans were designed in such a way that we end up getting attracted to healthy individuals to ensure our survival even when we don't know the connection between health and facial symmetry. See Why do we like beautiful faces

6- Balanced proportions

One of the things that makes both males and females attractive is having balanced facial proportions. A too large lower area of the face might reduce attractiveness while a very large upper area might have the same effect.

The key to attractiveness is having the right balance and the right size of features that matches the face shape.

7- Fewer feminine features

Feminine features such as large eyes, large eye lashes, thin brows, small chins & narrow faces can make a man's face seem less attractive.

Remember that the attractiveness of a man is determined by his perceived masculinity. The more masculine and strong the man seems the more attractive he will seem to be. See also what attracts women to men physically

There are several exceptions

In my book The psychology of physical attraction i said that the overall attractiveness of a person is determined by so many factors and not just the facial features.

So even if you don't have many of the above facial features you can still be very attractive to women by doing many other things right.

In addition to that there are exceptions to the above rules. Some women prefer the sensitive/passive looking man over the strong and macho man. Even though there are major rules still each woman is a special case and you can attract anyone to you by understanding exactly what truly matters to that person. Read my other psychology of love articles to know how to do that.

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