What makes a woman's face attractive

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

1- A smiling face

Studies have shown that women who smile often are considered much more attractive to men than women who don't smile often. According to studies anything that makes a woman more feminine makes her more attractive to males. See Fake vs genuine smile in body language.

2- Full lips

The fuller the woman's lips are the more attractive the woman seems to be. Men are biologically attracted to all signs of health and fertility. The full lips of a woman signal youth, fertility and health. See also What attracts men to women

3- Large eyes

Large eyes are a sign of femininity. The female hormones makes the eye larger and so the women with large eyes appears more feminine. Men also get attracted to women with larger eyes because they seem more submissive and receptive. See also What makes a man's face attractive.

4- Small facial features

Smaller facial features are signs of femininity. A small nose, eyebrows and chin are all signs of femininity. This doesn't mean that a woman with one or two big facial features isn't considered feminine for that's just the ideal scenario. See also How men and women perceive attractiveness.

5- Symmetrical face

Facial symmetry is one of the things that makes both males and females attractive. We humans do not have perfectly symmetrical faces but the more symmetrical the sides of the face are the more attractive we seem to be. See See Why do we like beautiful faces.

6- Long soft hair

A softer hair signals youth, health and fertility. All of those are signals that attract men and make them find the woman much more attractive.

Men also tend to like long hair because it sends the same exact fertility signals. See Why do men like long hair

7- Round vs straight face

Many men like women with round faces because they seem more feminine, friendly and submissive. This doesn't mean however that some men don't prefer sharp facial features with more lines instead of curves.

We generally tend to think of curvy features as more friendly and of sharp features as more masculine.

8- Narrower face

While the face width preferences differ from one man to another still the majority of men might go for the narrower face for it signals more femininity and less dominance than the broad face.

This however depends on the dominance preference of the man seeking the woman.

9- Small chins

A large chin is a sign of high levels of testosterone. Men with big chins are usually good fighters. A big chin is thus undesirable on a woman because it makes her seem less feminine.

Is it that superficial?

Not at all.

The psychology of attraction is a complex science and physical looks is just one area of that big science. In other words if you don't have some of the above facial features then you can still be attractive to men by doing the other things right.

The way you talk, walk, think in addition to your personality, behaviour and clothes can greatly affect your overall attractiveness.

So while looks are important for men still they aren't everything.

People who don't understand how others perceive physical attraction usually develop the imagined ugliness disorder.

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