What to do when life gets dark

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Life can get really tough

One of the things you might not find in all self-help books or articles is that life can sometimes get so tough. Just like Stallone said in his speech it can beat you to the ground and keep there if you let it.

It won’t matter how tough you are or how strong you can be. You might still have to go through those tough moments where everything seems wrong, dark and depressing. See Why my life is so hard

Some people think that once they reach that stage then their lives have been ruined already and that’s not true.
You only lose the fight when you lose hope and stop fighting.

I am pretty sure you already read about so many success stories and found the same pattern in each one of them. The person who keeps fighting usually reaches their goals while the ones who gives up lose everything.

Quitting the fight in such a case is like a decision that you want to live in that dark place.
you might be thinking that fighting back takes a lot of effort and that it’s a really hard thing but do you know what’s even more difficult?

It’s living in this pain forever
It’s remaining in that dark place
And it’s believing that this is the end of your story.

What to do when life gets dark

No matter how defeated you feel there will always be a part inside you that wants to continue the fight. This part might be weak or exhausted but this doesn't mean that it's not there.

It’s that part that got you motivated to start in the first place.
It’s that part that brought you this far
And it’s that part that has prevented you from giving up for so long.

Now what you need to be doing is to focus on that part and make it stronger. For if that part became stronger than the part that wants you to give up then you will rise again every time you fall and literally nothing will be able to keep you down for long. See also How to stop being Broken.

How to strengthen this part

Here is how to make this part stronger:

  • 1) Recall your past victories: I am pretty sure you have made some victories in your life even if they were too small. Recall those victories and remember the moments where you fought back well. See How to be a survivor in life
  • 2) Remember the old you: Yes you might be feeling down right now but there were moments were you were strong and powerful. Close your eyes and visualize that old you. Every good thing that you will see during the visualization session was done by you and not by a stranger. That strong and powerful person is still inside you but they just need to awaken. See How to start over again.
  • 3) Think ahead: Crying over the spilled milk will certainly lead you nowhere. After all you need to be changing the present and the future and not the present. Stop looking behind you because you can’t really change what already happened. But what you can do is look forward and change what’s yet to come. See How to become a Forward thinker

And remember, those moments won’t last for long if you kept fighting back
but if you gave up however they will last forever.

Get up and continue this fight.
You can get out of this.
Just like you did before.

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