What your phone really says about you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Can your phone tell your personality?

Everything and anything that a person owns is actually considered an extension to their personalities and can thus tell a lot of information about them.

According to a recent study people who own Android phones are more honest and humble than iPhone owners. Other studies have said that iPhone owners are more likely to be ambitious and to care more about seeking status.

While those studies do make sense still they ignored one very important aspect of psychology which is that so many variables can lead to the same outcome.

Let me give you a simple example. A person could buy an iPhone because he wants a practical phone that doesn't hang.A person could have also bought an iPhone because most of their friends recommended it or because they want to display certain status.

The problem of judging people right away is that it leads to many wrong conclusions sometimes. Yes of course a person who has an Android might phone might be more humble but he also could be an egoistic person who liked the phone for a different reason.

The straight line thoery

In my previous article how to analyze someone's personality i said that in order to be able to understand people very well you must use more than one clue to prove the existence of a certain behavior.

If for example a person owns a cheap phone, treats people well and has a small car even though he has enough money to buy a bigger one then you can assume that this person is humble.

Now looking at the person's phone alone and judging them will prevent you from seeing the additional possibilities that could be there. In the Ultimate guide to developing Super powers i talked about the straight line theory which states that when more than one action can be joined together to form a straight line then the underlying behaviour can be confirmed.

If a person is driving a sports car, is very active on social media, always wears branded clothes and owns an iPhone then certainly you can assume that this person is showy.

Now driving the sports car alone isn't an indication of anything but having all of those traits combined certainly points to attention seeking behaviour. See Why do people crave attention

The iPhone vs Android user

Now that you know the previous facts i can safely tell you about the traits that might be associated with the ownership of popular phones.

  • iPhone owner: The iPhone owner could be an attention seeker, a less agreeable, more ambitious and status focused person. See why are some people ambitious
  • Android owner: The Android owner could also be more humble, more agreeable and less caring about status. An Android owner could also be more practical

But does this mean that we can't have an iPhone owner with the traits of an Android owner or the opposite?
Yes of course this can happen.

So how can you really tell someone's personality accuracy?
You can do that using the straight line theory.

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