When you get defeated on the unconscious level

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Getting defeated from the inside

So many people mistakenly think that as long as a person didn't give up then they did not get defeated but that's totally wrong.

For there is a case where a person can still keep fighting while feeling defeated from the inside.
When you fight with very low energy
When you do things without feeling motivated
When you keep trying without having any hope
When you keep fighting but deep inside you know that you won't make it
Then know that you have been already defeated

At this point you have to realize that you have been defeated from the inside. And this kind of defeat can shortly prevent you from trying again.

When you feel defeated on the unconscious level

Life can be very hard and it can send us very challenging and unexpected bad events. but as long as you are still strong from the inside and as long as you still have hope then you won't lose your fight. See Life Challenges are a source of growth.

When you lose hope however and keep fighting just because this is what you got used to then know that your defeat is imminent. I am not saying that you can't succeed even when you are feeling down but what i am saying is that you are more likely to succeed if you didn't get unconsciously defeated.

Unconscious defeat happens for various reasons such as loss of hope, loss of faith, believing that you don't have much time or loss of self esteem.

This unconscious defeat makes us like zombies who are neither dead nor alive.

We wake up every morning without feeling like it
We do our important tasks but we don't see a point in anything
We live our lives without having hope for the future
And so our lives become miserable.

Indifference is just a form of loss of hope where we believe that no matter what we do our lives are never going to change. And once you start getting indifferent know that you have been defeated from the inside. Why do i feel indifferent?

How to get up and fight

If you are suffering from unconscious loss of hope then the most important thing you need to do is to talk to yourself. Find out why you are not as energetic as you used to be. Find out why your thinking patterns have changed as the days passed and find out that part of you that motivated you to start. See Why self talk is important and effective.

Sometimes people wonder whether they became weak or whether they changed to the worse then they worry about themselves. What i can reassure you of is that as long as you hate that weak part then know that it doesn't belong to you. As long as you despise that person you became then know that you are still that same good old person.

Push away that weak part of you and find your hope in life again.
If you are still fighting then probably this means that you are a warrior.
However you don't want to be a zombie warrior who feels hollow.

You want to be that strong warrior who knows that he is going to win.
Restore hope back to your life
And keep fighting.

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