Who do Narcissists lie

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do people lie?

Narcissists are more likely to lie than other people. This doesn't mean that all Narcissists are liars but it just means that Narcissists might have stronger motives to lie than normal people. So if a Narcissist didn't have a quite strong ethical values then probably they are going to be liars.

Before you can understand why a Narcissist might lie often you need to understand why people lie in general. There are so many reasons that could motivate a person to lie including seeking attention, escaping punishment, projecting a certain social image or achieving certain objectives. See Why do people lie

Why Narcissists are more likely to lie

Now that you know the basic reasons that motivate people to lie it's time to learn about the motives that could make the Narcissist lie:

  • 1) To maintain the image of superiority: In many of my previous articles i said that one of the ultimate goal of Narcissists is to create an image of superiority and project it to others. The Narcissist will always try to appear extremely successful, popular, handsome and happy. This desire is strong enough that it motivates some Narcissists to lie about their achievements. See also Why are Narcissists obsessed with money
  • 2) To protect their Egos: If the Narcissist felt that their ego is being threatened then they are more likely to lie. If for example the Narcissist concluded that a person is not that impressed by them they might then start to lie about their achievements in order to impress that person. In such a case the ultimate objective of the Narcissist is to protect their own ego by making sure nobody is devaluing them. See also why do narcissists devalue and discard people
  • 3) To manipulate people: Narcissists usually try to manipulate people to force them to abide to their own rules. In such a case the Narcissist might lie in order to make the manipulation process much easier. A Narcissist can lie about their level of knowledge for example in order to make sure that a person will always seek their advice. See How narcissists manipulate you
  • 4) To maintain the Narcissistic supply: One of the ultimate goals of a Narcissist is to attract fans and keep them in order to feed their egos. Under the very strong desire to attract others to them Narcissists might end up lying just to seem more attractive. Narcissists do their best to attract the largest number of people to them and so they might sometimes lie in order to achieve that objective. See Why do women find Narcissists so Attractive
  • 5) To seek revenge: Narcissists have extremely big Egos and this makes them extremely vengeful. A Narcissist might tell lies about someone that they dislike just to seek revenge. If someone hurt the Narcissist's ego in any possible way then they might create lies about them. In such a case the Narcissist might do other terrible actions to the person they hate while claiming that they deserve that punishment. See Why are narcissists so dangerous & Why Narcissists hate you

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