Why Beta males get depressed

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why passivity leads to depression

In my previous article How to not be a beta male i said that Beta males are the passive self-inhibited males who hardly stand up for their rights.

The biggest problem with being a beta male is that the person will always try to suppress their emotions and turn them inwards. In the Getting over depression guide i said that one of the major causes of depression is the habit of suppressing ones emotions.

Emotions are a powerful force and they exist for a purpose. When a person suppresses their emotions those emotions are turned inwards. When you direct your own strong emotions towards yourself those emotions will have to change their form and the resulting form will always be depression and sadness. See The reason your emotions keep changing all the time

Going against the male values

Whether we like it or not we were all raised to believe in certain masculine values that each male should posses. Even if we were never taught something like that directly still we were programmed to believe in those values as a result of interacting with our cultures and enviroment.

The culture, the media, the people we meet and everything else keeps programming our minds to believe that a man must be strong, confident, assertive and dominant. See why some men don't feel manly enough.

As a result of a result of those masculine values that almost every man develops many males end up feeling inferior because of not being able to adhere to those values.

When a person becomes a beta meta he will always believe that something is wrong with his masculinity and as a result his feelings of inferiority will increase.

This man will then develop doubts about his own masculinity and then he will feel really bad about himself. Then Shortly depression and bad moods will kick in. See 5 things men who are not sure of their masculinity do.

Beta males usually get depressed

Many Beta males try to deny their feelings and act like nothing is wrong with them but the problem is that their subconscious minds always remain focused on their problems.

In my book The 5 Minute Happiness Formula I said that consciously trying to ignore a problem never works simply because the subconsciousness mind is the one responsible for emotions and it's the one that will always come back at you with bad moods when you ignore your problems.

Once you believe that there is a problem with your masculinity then your subconscious mind will send you all kinds of negative emotions just to motivate you to do the right things.

If you are feeling bad because you think that you are a beta male then just learn how to become an Alpha male and your problems will be solved. This will take time, dedication and hard work but in the end you will feel great about yourself and your depression will end.

Take actions now and don't ignore your problems else they will grow bigger.

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