What causes Racism

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Racism and the Tribal brain

What causes Racism?
And why would a person consider his race better than other races?

Just like many psychological issues Racism is a complex topic that can't be attributed to a single cause. Instead many factors come together that slowly change a person's beliefs about his own race and other races.

The first factor that plays a big role in racism is the tribal brain. Did you notice how iPhone owners take pride in belonging to such a group?

In fact seeing the jokes circulating around regarding Android and iPhone can give you a powerful indication of how the tribal mind can force humans to divide themselves into groups. See Why jokes tell the truth.

And if humans go as far as dividing themselves into groups based on their phones then certainly diving themselves based on race and skin color is very likely to happen. It all begins by seeing yourself different than other people then the rest of the process happens in an almost automatic way.

Racism, fear and uncertainty

Humans always want explanations for everything and they generally hate uncertainty. Those facts motivate humans to always try to fill gaps whenever something is unclear or not obvious.

When a group of humans see a different person they can quickly jump to conclusions because they are uncertain or even afraid. One of the reasons people discriminate against blacks in some countries is fear.

Fear of the unknown and lack of familiarity can easily lead to such racist thoughts. See why Similarity promotes attraction.

Racism and the media

Next comes the effect of the media which programs people's minds indirectly and feeds them with certain beliefs about different races. Our brains selectively choose to highlight certain pieces of information while totally ignoring other pieces of information.

If for example you believe that blacks are criminals then you are more likely to remember an incident where a black person committed a crime. And you won't stop here because you will be very likely to share such event with friends and on social media.

Each person who has certain racist beliefs about blacks will certainly find your posts more interesting than other posts showing that a white person committed a similar crime.

In other words as the media focuses on certain events, because of belief bias, more and more people tend to focus on those events thus strengthening their racist beliefs. See How do people twist the facts to support their beliefs

Racism and self confidence issues

There is certainly a connection between low self esteem ,inferiority and the racist behaviour. In the Ultimate guide to becoming confident i said that those who feel confident focus on their own good traits while those who have confidence issues focus on putting others down.

When a person feels satisfied with who he is he won't have a need to put others down but when a person feels inferior then he might need to put others down in order to feel good about himself. See why do some people criticize and put people down

In another article i said that jealousy can actually make you a racist. Once we see someone through a lens of hate we will always try to search for that person's flaws and then focus on them as if we don't have any.

Racism can thus be the source of pride of the person who has nothing else to be proud of.

Ignorance about science and history

People who are racist are usually ignorant about history. Many racist people get surprised when they realize that the people they consider inferior once had empires that was so successful or that even ruled a large number of countries.

Some studies are even pointing out that humans were originally black and then genetic mutation resulted in the development of the white race. Thus the more educated a person gets the less likely he is to be racist.

It also takes a great deal of emotional intelligence to be able to rule over your own mind instead of letting it control your perception and force you to live in a twisted reality.

In the Ultimate guide to Developing super powers you will know how to hypnotize people, seduce them, control their minds, read their faces and be more like a super human. If you are interested in getting that kind of power then check the course out.

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