Why a warm drink makes you feel good

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Everything changes your mood

The emotions that you feel at any point of time depend greatly on your own perception. This is why 10 different people could be watching the same movie yet they end up with 10 different feelings.

Every single signal that reaches your senses at any point of time affects your emotions to a certain extent. If for example while reading this article you heard some noise outside the window then probably this noise will be contributing to your over all state of feeling. See also How your emotions change your perception of the world.

Without this noise your happiness level could have been 70% but because it's there your happiness level might be 67%. That's just an example of course and its aim is to show you how every single little thing that reaches your senses affects your mood.

How physical warmth affects your mood

There is doubt that one of the factors that strongly affects your mood is the current temperature of the environment you are in. Those are some of the emotional changes you might experience if you were present in an environment with warm weather:

  • 1) You will find people warmer: Studies have shown that when you feel physically warm you actually believe that the people you are dealing with are warmer. By just giving participants warm cups of coffee to hold they rated the ones they interacted with in a more positive way. See also How your beliefs and concerns affect your perception.
  • 2) You feel less lonely: According to another study the feelings of loneliness were associated with the physical feelings of being cold. It was found that people felt colder when they were feeling lonely and this lead to the conclusion that the cold weather can remind people of loneliness. See Overcoming loneliness.
  • 3) You feel less afraid: Cold weather is also associated with fear. The cold weather can make you more afraid while the warm weather can make you more comfortable in taking risks. See The connection between fear and cold weather

Why a warm drink makes you feel good

Studies have shown that holding a hot drink in your hand can have the same effect on you as a warm weather has. When you hold a hot drink you start to feel physically warmer.

When that happens you will start to experience more psychological warmth. People will seem more friendly and warmer to you, you will feel less lonely and less afraid.

Now here is the interesting tip. If you want to persuade someone to do something or if you want someone to be nicer to you then just buy them a hot drink first then ask for whatever you want.

The other interesting conclusion you should have already made is that there are numerous other factors that you can control that affects people's perception of you. By just doing few little simple things you can seem more friendly, interesting , attractive and so on.

That's the power of psychology my friend.

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