Why are Narcissists obsessed with money

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Narcissists are usually very materialistic

Why are narcissists obsessed with money?
First of all Narcissists are not just obsessed with money but they are also obsessed with power, fame, achievements, success and growth.

Narcissists might seem overly materialistic to others and this is true in many cases. Most Narcissists care a lot about materialistic stuff and this certainly includes money.

Typical Narcissists usually love materialistic possessions including cars, watches and expensive clothes. This also extends to include trophy wives and husbands. See Why some men want trophy wives.

Why are Narcissists obsessed with money

So why are Narcissists obsessed with money and anything Materialistic?

In order to understand why Narcissists think this way i will have to take you for a quick journey inside their minds. In many of my previous articles i described how i managed to get over Narcissism. The fact that i have seen Narcissism from the inside gave me crystal clear insights about the way Narcissists think.

Narcissists believe that they are superior to others. In many cases this superiority feeling is a just a defense mechanism to help them feel good about themselves because they felt worthless in the past. In other words Narcissism can be nothing more than a compensation method Narcissists use in order to lift themselves up and to feel worthy. See What makes a person a narcissist.

Projecting their desired image

Based on this desire Narcissists do their best to make others believe that they are truly superior.
Narcissists are usually smart people who manage to guess how to raise their own worth in the eyes of others by acquiring certain stuff. See also How to make a narcissist want you.

And this is where the interest in material stuff begins.
Narcissists become obsessed with materialistic stuff because they know that those things will help them project their desired image of superiority.

A Narcissist will thus try to become rich in order to feel superior. They will drive special looking cars ,if they can afford them, in order to project that image of superiority.

If a Narcissist can't buy an expensive car or an expensive watch then they will focus on looking perfect and wearing the best clothes they can find. See Why narcissists look so good and young.

This even extends to looking for trophy husbands or wives just to elevate their own self worth and to project a better social image to others. It's totally normal for a Narcissist to marry someone because they believe they will enhance their social image. In such a case the Narcissist thinks with their logical brains and make romantic decisions based on pure logic. See also Why are some people very picky.

Narcissists also become obsessed with success and achievement because they can allow them to improve their social image and achieve their goal of superiority.

The ultimate goal of a Narcissist is to appear superior, different and unlike anybody. Materialism is thus seen as a means to reach that goal.

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