Why are narcissists so dangerous

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The problem with Narcissists

In my previous article How i got over narcissism i explained how i managed to get over my Narcissistic tendencies and to become a normal person.

The fact that i was there helped me see Narcissism from both the inside and the outside. The problem with Narcissists is that at any point of time , and without any warnings, they can get extremely emotional and then take serious destructive actions based on those emotions.

At any point of time a Narcissist can get into rage then take very strong actions, usually aggressive ones, based on that rage.

Why are narcissists so dangerous

  • 1) The risk of devaluation: A relationship with a narcissist can be anything but stable. If you made any big mistake, according to the Narcissist's judgement, then they might devalue you. When Narcissists devalue others they simply cut connections with them and consider them non-existent. This is why a relationship with a Narcissist is always at risk even if things were going well. See also Why Narcissists hate you

  • 2) The strong desire for vengeance: Narcissists have very big egos and this makes them much more likely to seek revenge than normal people. Narcissists might not just try to seek revenge but they might try to deal a fatal blow to the person who hurt or humiliated them. A typical Narcissist will feel good if they crushed the person who humiliated them completely. See also Signs of narcissism - how to spot a narcissist.
  • 3) They can replace you at any time: Once a Narcissist believe you are not good enough for them they can immediately replace you by someone else. If a Narcissist became dissatisfied with their partner's behaviour then they might try to replace them immediately without trying to negotiate first. See Why do i always attract narcissists
  • 4) They can make you feel worthless: Narcissists usually know exactly how and where to strike. A typical Narcissist is a master of hurting others and striking at their emotional wounds. A narcissist can very easily make you feel worthless using words. See Why narcissists ignore you
  • 5) They don't negotiate: Narcissists don't negotiate once they get hurt but instead they act immediately. A typical Narcissists won't ask you why you are treating them badly but they will just respond with rage or try to get revenge without getting into any kind of negotiation. See also How to deal with a narcissistic person in a relationship
  • 6) They are full of rage: When a person develops a very big ego they can very easily get hurt. The bigger a person's ego the more likely they are to get hurt by anything. A Narcissist can thus get into rage mood very quickly when they believe that someone is trying to hurt them
  • 7) They can block you anytime: If a Narcissist interpreted any of your behaviour as a sign of disrespect (this could be something as simple as not wishing them a happy birthday) then they could block you right away. Narcissists are ruthless when it comes to blocking others or removing them from their lives

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