Why are some people easily provoked

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The emotionally charged person

Why are some people very easily provoked?
Why some people sometimes get your words the other way around?
Why do some people start verbal fights all of a sudden?

I am pretty sure you noticed that some people seem to be very easily provoked even when you don't do anything bad to them. If you made any kind of mistake then the person who got provoked will certainly have an excuse even if your mistake was trivial, but what about people who seem to get provoked for nothing?

Why some people seem to be emotionally charged all the time?

Why are some people easily provoked

There are various reasons that could explain why someone would get provoked all of a sudden without you doing anything wrong. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • 1)They were already emotionally charged against you: Jealous people, haters & those who don't like to see you happy are very likely to get provoked by anything you say or do even if it was totally harmless. This type of person is already emotionally charged and so the slightest move from your side might provoke them. See also How to identify haters and mean people
  • 2) They have serious insecurities: We all have insecurities, after all we are imperfect humans. But some people have serious insecurities that force them to interpret every action and comment in a wrong way. Those people will always get provoked simply because they will see a different version of reality based on their own faulty interpretation. See How people twist the facts to support their beliefs & Why do most people live a twisted reality
  • 3) They were seriously hurt before: If a person was seriously hurt before in such a way that they never recovered then they will become extremely sensitive to any threat later on. In such a case this person might interpret many of your innocent words as threats and so they might get provoked very easily. See Extreme sensitivity to criticism & How emotional and physical abuse can lead to emotional sensitivity
  • 4) They are too afraid of change: Humans are generally over protective of their beliefs. When some people find that someone is discussing their beliefs either directly or indirectly they might freak out and get provoked. Some people might actually consider simple statements to be a direct attack on their core beliefs and so they get provoked easily. See Why do people stick to their incorrect opinions
  • 5) They have serious trust issues: People who have serious trust issues might try to find a bad meaning behind every innocent action that people does. People with serious trust issues are very likely to interpret your words or actions incorrectly just because they believe you have bad intentions. See also 10 Signs someone has trust issues.

How to handle those people

The key to handling those people is understanding them first. You can't deal with a specific human behaviour before you know the kind of intention they had when they did that behaviour.

Once you identify why those people are getting you wrong the next step will become clear.

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