Why do adults baby talk

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do some adults speak like babies?

Why do some adults baby talk sometimes?
Why would a couple speak to each other using baby words and sounds?

In my previous article How your past affects your present i said that our pasts have a great impact on our present. Any significant event that happens to us in the past affects our present and future to a great extent.

When a person's past doesn't go well the person might feel an intense desire to go back to the past to fix what went wrong. But the problem all humans face when they attempt to do that is that no one can go back in time. This is why the subconscious mind might attempt to go back in time using baby talk.

In my previous article The subconscious mind is like a child i said that the subconscious mind doesn't really use proper logic. The subconscious mind might not really understand that we can't travel back to the past and so it might attempt to go there using various ways such as baby talk.

In other words baby talk is one of the strategies the subconscious mind might use in order to attempt to go back to the past to fix something that went wrong.

There are two major reasons why the subconscious mind of a person might want to do that:

  • 1) Replicating the great past: In the first case the subconscious mind might attempt to go back to the past to replicate the favorable conditions that the person used to live in. This is considered one form of nostalgia
  • 2) Fixing a problem in the past: If a person had a bad past then their subconscious mind might want them to go back to fix the problems that happened in that bad past

Why do adults baby talk

Now that you know all of the main concepts related to that matter it's time to see some real life examples:

  • 1) Daddy issues and baby talk: Women who have daddy issues are more likely to engage in baby talk than other women. In such a case the subconscious minds of those women attempt to go back to the past to fix the mistakes that happened. By talking like babies those women try to achieve the goal of getting the good treatment they never got from their dads when they were children. See also Signs a woman has daddy issues
  • 2) Spoiled children and baby talk: Spoiled children are very likely to engage in baby talk. In such a case the adult tries to replicate the perfect living conditions they had been trough when they were little children. See also Spoiled children as adults
  • 3) Fear of growing up and baby talk: If a person is too afraid to grow up or to carry responsibility then they might revert back to the state of childhood through baby talk. In such a case the person's unconscious goal is to evade the responsibilities of grown ups. See Fear of taking responsibility
  • 4)Dissatisfaction with adult life and baby talk: If the adult is dissatisfied with their lives or if they are unhappy with the way they live then they might unconsciously decide to escape to the past. In such a case
    the adult might find themselves engaging in baby talk without knowing why they are doing it.

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