Why do average faces look more attractive

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Average faces are attractive

I said earlier that facial symmetry is one of the things that makes a face very attractive but this is not the only thing that makes a face attractive. See Why symmetrical faces are attractive.

Studies have shown that average faces are found to be more attractive than other types of faces. An average face is the face that has facial features that do not stand out and that look like the average features most people have.

An average face is also a more familiar face because the features it has can be found in so many other faces. An example of an average face would be a face that doesn't have any feature that is out of the normal proportion and that has features that many other faces have. See also What makes a man's face attractive & 9 things that make a woman's face attractive to men.

Why do average faces look more attractive

So why do we find average faces attractive?
One of the things that makes a face attractive to us humans is how easily our brains can process the shape of the face. The easier is the face to process the more attractive it will seem to be.

An average face has average features that are present in so many other faces and as a result it can be easily processed. The more average a face is the easier it becomes for the brain to construct an image of it and so it seems more attractive. See also How facial width affects attractiveness.

But that's not the only thing that makes an average face attractive. I have said earlier that we tend to find familiar faces more attractive than unfamiliar faces.

Familiarity is one of the things that leads to attraction since people feel safe when they see a familiar face. Because average faces have average features they seem more familiar to people and so more attractive.

Why people look more attractive in groups

In my previous article Why people look more attractive in groups i said that people look more attractive in groups because our brains average out their faces.

In other words when you see a group you just see a one average face in your mind and this is why people seem more attractive in groups.

People with average faces get remembered often

If you met someone with an average face then you are very likely to remember that person again when you see someone who looks like them.

Because an average face has popular facial features you are very likely to bump into a person who reminds you of the one who had the average face. This is an additional advantage for people who have average faces because when you remember someone more often you are more likely to consider them more attractive.

The more exposure you get to a person the more attractive you will find them to be. See also Mere exposure effect psychology.

This exposure can also be mental and it doesn't have to always be a real life exposure. As you keep meeting people who remind you of the person with the average face you are very likely to find that person more attractive.

People who don't understand how others perceive physical attraction usually develop the imagined ugliness disorder.

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