Why do i feel worried all of a sudden

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do i feel worried all of a sudden

It was a nice morning
You were feeling good and thinking about nothing
And then all of a sudden you started worrying
Within fractions of a second you were making negative scenarios and expecting the worse to happen

What just happened in here?
And how come can your mood swing all of a sudden without any notices?

In fact there are two very big reasons for such mood swings and the good news is that you are responsible for both reasons.

There are so many good psychologists out there who can help you understand exactly why you are worrying but because they are too busy to do that they will probably convince you that you are sick and that you are in need of medication.

And this is why so many people remain clueless after visiting some psychologists.
In this article i am going to tell you exactly why you sometimes get worried all of a sudden for no apparent reason. See How to treat anxiety without medication.

1) You have unsolved problems that you don't deal with

Some people think that they can skip from their unsolved problems and still feel good. While this can happen for a short time through many of the keep yourself busy methods still shortly your mind will rebel and bring your attention back to your problems.

In my book The 5 Minute Happiness Formula i said that if you have been ignoring an important problem and acting like it doesn't exist then your mind will try to bring you back on track by sending you negative emotions such as worrying.

Let's suppose you had problems finding enough money to pay your bills. If you weren't working on a plan to improve your income then you might be able to distract yourself from that problem for sometime but shortly your mind will send you strong emotions in the form of worrying to bring you back on track.

Consider your subconscious mind a parent who is always overlooking your behaviour and actions. If it didn't find you doing the right things then it will bring you back on track using the right emotion. And as you might have already guessed those emotions are going to be anything but pleasant See Where do emotions come from & The causes of mood swings.

But why now?

Now the important question here is, why did your mood change all of a sudden?
Why did your mind choose that specific moment to swing your mood?

It's because some kind of a reminder reminded your subconscious mind of the existing problem.

This reminder could have been an external one such as seeing something that reminds you of the problem or an internal one where a single thought reminded you of the problem you have been ignoring. See also The ultimate solution to end worrying.

2) You have been ignoring the warnings

Your mind won't send you intense negative emotions all of a sudden but instead it will begin by sending you small and bearable warnings. In the beginning your mind might send you a very weak worrying signal about an important matter. see Why worrying is not pointless & What is the purpose of worrying.

Now if you responded to this signal fast, by taking actions, then there will be no need for more reminders.
Now if you ignored the signal then a stronger one might be sent in few days.
And if you ignored the other one then an even stronger one is going to be sent.

This will keep happening until worrying prevents you from sleep, you get intense negative thoughts or even panic attacks. See Why do you get panic attacks out of nowhere.

So while some people are strongly trying to convince you that you have a sickness and that your brain is not working well you are actually the one who has been creating all of those worrying attacks by being lazy and by not responding to the important signals your brain is sending you.

You are worrying because you are ignoring your problems
And your mind just wants a soloution
This is why it keeps reminding you of those problems.

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