Why do you get panic attacks out of nowhere

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Are panic attacks pointless?

Do you get panic attacks for no reason?
Do you get random panic attacks that you can't explain?

In order for me to explain what is happening to you i will have to tell you a short story.
One day i called my mom to check on her but i got no reply. Few minutes later i decided to call her again and i also got no reply. After some time and many unanswered calls i got very worried.

I went to our house and knocked the door but she didn't open. I kept knocking so hard that i was about to break the door only to find her opening. She was deeply asleep that she didn't hear anything until i started to knock the door really hard.

That's the end of my short story. Now you might be wondering what's the connection between this story and the panic attacks you are getting. Let me explain that in the next few lines.

Why do you get panic attacks out of nowhere

In my previous article Where do emotions come from i explained how your mind uses emotions to communicate with you. If your subconscious-mind wants you to get something done then it will use emotions to help you do that thing.

Let's take anxiety as an example. If your mind is worried about something and it wants you to get prepared for it then it will use anxiety to motivate you to do that. The right action from your side in such a case is to respond back to the emotion by taking the right action.

This is my why in my book The 5 Minute Happiness Formula i said that it is possible to end bad moods right away by taking the right actions and sending the right message to your mind.

Now what if you refused to respond to the signal?
In such a case your subconscious-mind is going to use a more powerful signal to force you to respond.
This more powerful signal could be nightmares or intolerable emotions. See why you are getting nightmares.

But what if you still didn't respond?
What if your mind kept knocking the door and you didn't answer?

Probably your mind will do like what i did when my mom didn't open the door. It will knock very hard or in other words, it will send you a panic attack.

Panic attacks are messages

When your mind tries to do everything to bring you back on track but fails it might use more powerful ways to draw your attention such as panic attacks. Panic attacks can thus be no more than a strong signal your mind is sending you because you didn't respond to the weaker signals.

Panic attacks can sometimes be direct and easy to understand such as getting a panic attack whenever you are about to drive a car for example. In other times panic attacks might seem like they are random because they don't happen in the same situations.

In both cases there is a certain goal that your mind is trying to reach but in the second case that goal is more general. In the first case it's clear that your mind is afraid of driving , or afraid of letting you be in control, but in the second case your mind might be afraid of something more general such as people, work or even life itself.

When you get a proper understanding of the goals your subconscious mind is trying to reach your mysterious panic attacks will become a clear and understandable signal. See What are the subconscious goals and how they affect your life

In other words your failure of understanding of the intention behind a panic attack doesn't make it random or mysterious. It's just the fact that you are unaware of the unconscious goal that triggered this panic attack.

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