Why do i get stressed so easily

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The stress Gauge

Why do some people get stressed so easily?
Why are some people more subject to stress and anxiety than others?
And why are some people much calmer when it comes to handling stress?

In my previous article What causes stress i said that stress happens when a conflict of resources happens in your mind.

If for example a part of your conscious thoughts was very concerned about something, let's say the amount of work that you have to do, then any kind of external factor that calls for your attention will cause stress.

For example you might get very stressed as soon as you hear some noise even though this noise might not make other people stressed. In other words when something tries to occupy your already occupied mind then you will certainly get stressed. See Why noise is so stressful

If you understood this example well then you won't have any problems guessing why some people get stressed very easily. If the person's stress Gauge is half full or almost full then this person is very likely to get stressed whenever anything happens.

Let me explain this a bit more by giving some examples.

Why do i get stressed so easily

Here are some cases that would explain to you how an almost full stress Gauge looks like:

  • 1) You have a long term problem that you aren't dealing with: Long term problems lie at the back of our minds and consume a part of our conscious and unconscious thoughts. Now when you leave a long term problem unsolved or when you do not try to show your mind that you are handling this problem then you will be more likely to get stressed. The long term problem will occupy a part of your thoughts and so any external stressor will easily make you very stressed. See How your unconscious mind can promote stress & The ultimate solution to all of your problems
  • 2) You have very limited time: In so many cases we are the ones who make ourselves stressed by adopting stressful life styles. If you are always running or if you have very limited time to do the many tasks you have set for yourself then you are very likely to get stressed very easily. Your mind will always be concerned about the deadlines and the unfinished tasks and so any external factor ,even if it was small, will make you feel very stressed. Type A personalities are always subject to that kind of stress. See Why multitasking always leads to stress
  • 3) You have poor coping skills or low tolerance: Any life problem that you face requires certain skills in order for it to be handled well. Now if you have poor coping skills or low tolerance then any simple problem might actually stress you so much. The poor coping skills can be anything like lacking the needed life skills, having low faith in your abilities or having low self esteem. In all cases having poor coping skills can make you more likely to get stressed since every problem will seem much bigger that it's truly is. See also Why self motivated people are more confident & Lack of faith can lead to worrying

How to solve this problem?

As you just saw in many cases we put loads of stress on ourselves by adopting the wrong lifestyles or by not learning the proper coping skills that we should learn.

Find out the exact cause of your stress problem and work on making serious changes to your lifestyle and coping skills. Only then the stress problem will disappear.

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