Why do i wake up feeling stressed

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Waking up feeling stressed

Why do we sometimes wake up feeling stressed?
Why do we sometimes go to bed feeling good then wake up feeling bad?
And why does stress visit some of us as soon as they get up?

In my previous article What causes stress i explained how stress happens because of unsolved problems, mental conflicts and many other factors. In this article i will explain to you why you might get very stressed all of a sudden the moment you wake up.

This is why you get very stressed in the morning

  • 1) You are short in time: As soon as you wake up your mind will do a quick check to find whether there are important tasks that you need to complete. Now if your mind realized that you don't have much time to complete those important tasks then you will probably get stressed right away. In such a case the stress happens because you think of two things in the same time which are the tasks you need to do and the deadline. See also Why waking up early reduces stress
  • 2) You didn't sleep well: The emotional state we experience in the morning is highly dependent on the quality of sleep we get. If you didn't sleep well or if you slept for a short period of time then you might wake up feeling irritated, anxious and stressed. Getting high quality sleep is essential for having a good mood in the morning. See also 5 ways to get to sleep
  • 3) Unresolved problem: One of the major causes of stress is having an unsolved problem at the back of your mind. As long as your mind cares about an issue that is not yet resolved you will feel stressed. When our minds get stuck thinking of an unresolved issue it becomes hard for us to focus on any other task without feeling stressed. As soon as you wake up your mind remembers all the unsolved problems that you have and so you might get stressed. See also The ultimate solution to all of your problems
  • 4) You went to sleep feeling stressed: if you went to sleep feeling stressed then you are very likely to wake up feeling stressed the next day. This will happen if the factor that stressed you the day before still affects your life the next day. See also 7 ways to get a good night sleep & 5 ways to deal with stress
  • 5) You have a stressful job: If you woke up anticipating to do a stressful task then you might feel stressed even before the task begins. If you have a stressful job or if you do stressful tasks in the morning then there is a high possibility that you will wake up feeling stressed as a result of anticipating those stressful tasks. See also Feeling bad when waking up
  • 6) You had a stressful dream: In my previous article How your dreams affect your mood i explained how the dreams you have at night greatly affect your mood the next day when you wake up. If you had a very stressful dream then you might wake up feeling stressed even if you went to sleep feeling good. See also How sound can affect your dreams
  • 7) You don't wake up well: Some people jump out of bed as soon as the alarm rings then start doing various tasks. This type of hasty waking up usually results in a great amount of stress. In order to start your day properly make sure you spend a short period of time in bed after waking up before doing any stressful task

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