Why do i worry more in the morning

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Things that make worrying easier in the morning

If a person is already a worrier then probably any slight change that happen to them might impact their worrying habits. Here are few examples of those changes that could lead to more worrying in the morning:

  • 1) The body produces more Cortisol in the morning: The body produces more of the stress hormone ,Cortisol, in the morning. This change could make a worrier worry more in the morning
  • 2) Low quality sleep increases worrying: If you didn't sleep well at night then probably the next day you will be more likely to worry as sleep disturbance can affect your mood greatly See Why you can't sleep at night
  • 3) Low blood sugar: In the morning your blood will have low sugar levels as a result of not eating throughout the night. The low blood sugar level can make the fight or flight response get triggered easily and so can lead to more worrying.

However just as i said earlier. If a person is a worrier then factors like those ones can make him worry more but if a person was not a worrier then those kinds of factors won't be the real cause for worrying as they will just be supporting causes.

Your mind wants you to move

Worrying is a message that your mind sends you when it believes that something bad might happen and that you are unprepared to face it. In my previous article The real reasons behind worrying i explained how the purpose of such a message is to let you to take actions.

The actions you can take to end worrying can be either information collection , to calm yourself down, or real life actions involving fixing something about your life. See also How to stop worrying immediately

Now the real reason you get more worried in the morning is that your subconscious mind knows that the morning could be the best time to do either of those activities. Your mind let's you worry because it wants you to do something and because you are more likely to get things done in the morning your mind lets you worry during that time.

The reason your worrying never ended is that you never got yourself prepared to face the worst or you never made serious changes that could make you less vulnerable to the threat you are afraid of. See also Why you can't just ask your mind to stop negative thoughts

I said earlier in my articles that the self distraction schools, including the keep yourself busy schools, never bring results simply because they don't provide the mind with a real soloution to the problem it is worried about.

You are taking the wrong actions

Your mind always uses emotions to direct you to the right path. If for example you were walking in a dangerous neighborhood ,where a person got killed in the past, then your mind will make you feel scared. Now the main reason your mind is making you feel scared is because it wants to move you away from that place. See What causes fears and phobias

The same exactly goes for other emotions including worrying. If your mind found you doing something totally different than what you should be doing then it will certainly make you worry. Let's suppose that you are worried about a certain illness that you have.

Probably you will notice that you worry much less while you are searching for information on the internet about that problem. You will also probably notice that you worry more while doing the activities that are not by any means related to solving that problem or collecting more information about it.

In other words when your mind finds you doing the wrong things in the morning it tries to bring you back by worrying. Now the sad thing is, so many people advice those who worry to distract themselves or even stop thinking about it.

Worrying in the night

Worrying in the night could happen because of a totally different reason. In my article 4 Reasons you get negative thoughts at night i said that keeping yourself busy in the morning in such a way that you don't respond to the messages sent to you by your mind can result in negative thoughts at night.

Think about it this way. If your mind wants to deliver you a very important message but you are constantly trying to run away from it in the morning what would you expect your mind to do?

It will certainly send you the message at night or as soon as you are done with whatever you were doing in the day.

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