Why do people read messages and don't respond - Psychological analysis

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

A sane person will always reply

Any sane and psychologically stable person will always respond to the messages they read unless they are too busy doing something. And even when a sane person is busy he will usually respond saying that he is doing something right now and that he will get back when it's possible.

Of course it's possible that a person reads a message by mistake but the chances of this happening is very low compared to the intentional ignoring of messages.

So why would a person read a message and never reply?
And if the person doesn't intend to reply then why did they read the message?

First of all i am not talking about people who reply late for those people can have their own excuses but i am talking about the ones who don't reply at all to messages after reading them.

Why do people read messages and don't respond

So what are the reasons behind that weird behaviour?
Here are some of the possible reasons:

  • 1) The person wants to ignore you on intention: If a person wants to ignore you , because you were too pushy for example, then they might read your message and not reply. In such a case the person will be intending to let you know that they want to ignore you. See Why women don't like needy men
  • 2) They subconsciously want to ignore you: If the person was too nice to ignore someone then his subconscious mind might actually let him forget about the message you sent him. In such a case the person might apologize later for not responding while in fact his subconscious mind could have done it on intention. See why we remember certain things but forget others
  • 3) They want to make you feel bad: Some people might ignore messages on intention in order to make a person feel bad. In such a case the main purpose behind the action is to inflict harm on the sender by hurting them emotionally
  • 4) They are too afraid to reply: Sometimes people don't respond when they are too scared to face someone or too afraid to get into an unpleasant conversation. In such a case the person reads the message out of curiosity but ignores it because of fear
  • 5) They want to avoid unpleasant interactions: Some people have very little tolerance for unpleasant emotions. Those people might avoid replying to others if they believed that some kind of emotional pain will be involved

How to handle the people who don't reply

If the event happened once then you should never assume that the person has bad intentions. After all there is a possibility that the person got busy and didn't manage to reply. If the event happened twice then you should expect a good excuse from them.

But if this is happening often then you need to reconsider your relationship with that person. In order not to get things wrong and take the wrong actions you need to assertively express your concerns to that person and make it clear that this annoys you.

In addition to that you need to ask yourself whether you were too pushy or whether you are invading that person's private space over and over. People don't like pushy and needy ones and if you fell under that category then even a nice person will ignore your texts.

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