Why do sunglasses make you look better

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Sunglasses do make us look better

Why do sunglasses make us look better?
Why do we become much more attractive when we put the right sunglasses on?

Of course a good looking sunglasses can add an edge to our looks but that's not the only reason they make us look attractive for there are many psychological reasons why sunglasses make us look more attractive.

So what's so magical about sunglasses that they instantly improve our looks?

Why do sunglasses make you look better

  • 1) They make us seem mysterious: In my previous article Why being mysterious makes you more attractive i said that we humans find repetitive patterns boring. The more usual and predictable a person is the less attractive they might seem. An air of mystery on the other hand makes the person seem more unpredictable and attractive. Since sunglasses hide the eyes and a part of the face they automatically add an air of mystery to the person
  • 2) They make the face more symmetrical: In my article Why symmetrical faces are attractive i said that symmetrical faces reflect better genetic quality and so they seem more attractive. Since sunglasses are perfectly symmetrical they add a big deal of symmetry to a big part of the face and so they make us much more attractive.
  • 3) They hide imperfections: Large sunglasses ,that suit a person's face, hide imperfections and make the face look more flawless. Once those imperfections are hidden the person appears healthier, younger and more attractive. See also Why do average faces look more attractive.
  • 4) It changes your personality: Research has shown that when people wear sunglasses their personalities change. The fact that we believe that nobody can see our eyes can make us feel less insecure and more confident. In other words sunglasses can change our personalites and this can make us seem more attractive. See also does our personality affect our level of attractiveness
  • 5) It can make men look more intimidating: When people fail to see the eyes and eyebrows of a person the person will seem more mysterious. This air of mystery can also make the person seem more intimidating since their true emotions won't be easily read or understood. See also Why v-shirts make men more attractive
  • 6) They can change the shape of the face: A Man with a thin face can use sunglasses to make their face wider and so appear more attractive. Sunglasses can change the shape of the face in various ways and so can help the person seem more attractive. See also How facial width affects attractiveness

Bonus tips

Sunglasses might also make a person seem more classy. The right selection of sunglasses can reflect a person's good background and high social level. The right choice of sunglasses can thus make the person seem more classy and attractive.

Branded sunglasses can also make the person seem richer and from a higher social class. In short sunglasses don't just make us look attractive because of their good looks but it's also because of the many psychological tricks they help us play when we wear them.

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