why do we believe emotional talks easily

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why people get brainwashed

Have you met a brainwashed person before?
I am pretty sure you did because they are everywhere

It's not uncommon for a dictator or a manipulative person to say an emotional talk in order to manipulate the minds of people. And what happens is that many people believe strongly in those talks.

We humans are very emotional beings and once emotions are involved we can do all kinds of irrational behaviour. Humans are as rational as they can distance themselves from strong emotions. But once emotions become strong enough people can do weird things, believe in strange things and do irrational things. See How to take over someone's mind.

The emotional component of any speech overrides people's logic and forces them to think with their emotions rather than their minds. And depending on the intensity of the emotions the degree of manipulation of the mind is determined. See also How to convince someone to believe in anything

Why do we believe in emotional talks easily

In my course The master of charm i said that the human brain is highly receptive to suggestions. And no, i am not talking about hypnosis in here.

I am just referring to the fact that when you keep repeating a suggestion to someone they are very likely to believe in it. In fact charming people can happen this way. All what you need to do is to create the image you want or the desired aura then send the right suggestions to people so that they see you this way.

But the important question here is, can all suggestions reach people's minds?
The short answer is yes but there are two things that can make the suggestion even more powerful.

The first factor are emotions. Once the suggestion is coated with emotions it bypasses the brain's logic and forms into a belief. This is one reason why songs and movies affect us so much. It's just the fact that certain beliefs were sugarcoated with emotions then fed to us. See Why do movies make us cry & Can the subconscious mind be controlled.

The other factor that affects the power of a suggestion is the absence of opposing beliefs. If you suggested something to a person who doesn't have opposing beliefs then the suggestion can turn into a belief so fast.

Why we believe people easily

Even if you have opposing beliefs you might end up confused about your own beliefs if someone targeted your emotions. During a debate both sides can get their beliefs affected even to a certain extent.

Even the strongest beliefs you have can weaken as a result of continues debates, suggestions or emotional talks.
What you need to understand about beliefs is that as much as they can be strong they can also be too fragile. See How beliefs are formed

If you went against someone's core belief directly then they are very likely to defend their beliefs strongly. But if you tried weakening that belief slowly as the time passes then probably you will succeed in letting the person change their belief. See Why do people develop false beliefs

This is why you can convince any person to believe in anything once you do things right. You can convince people that you are desirable, charming, powerful or even attractive by just using suggestions in the right way.
Add few intense emotions to the story and you will be able to influence anybody on this planet.

And this is what The master of charm course is all about.

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