Why do we get fed up with work

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Sudden loss of interest

Why do we get fed up with things?
Why do we sometimes lose our desire to continue doing something all of a sudden?
And why doesn't this sudden emotional reaction happen gradually?

We all have different levels of tolerance. What is tolerable for one person might not be tolerable for another person and so on.

However this doesn't explain why a person who has a certain level of tolerance can lose interest in something all of a sudden. This sudden loss of interest is what we describe as being fed up with something and this usually happens when the person overloads themselves with intolerable tasks for a long period of time.

Why do we get fed up with work

If you kept doing some tasks everyday that test your maximum level of tolerance then sooner or later you will become overwhelmed by those tasks and you might stop. As soon as the emotional component kicks in what used to be tolerable yesterday can become extremely intolerable today. See also Always feeling tired? feeling tired all the time & How to stop yourself from being tired

Productivity is extremely important for success but when you overwork yourself near your tolerance limits you will actually reduce your productivity instead of increasing it. So many people set intolerable work loads just because they want to be productive.

For the first instance this might seem like a good thing for those people might produce lots of output in a short period of time. However working under this constant pressure and stress will sooner or later force you to collapse and to suddenly lose interest in whatever you are doing.

This is exactly like overworking a machine for a very long period of time. Yes of course the machine will produce more output but it's also very likely to stop at any point. See also How your choices can make you stressed.

In other words even if the work load you are subjected to is tolerable sooner or later it can become intolerable if it was near your maximum level of tolerance.

How to become truly productive

If you want to become truly productive then you need to make sure that your plans are sustainable. What i mean by the word sustainable is that you should be able to sustain your plans for as long as you live.

Success can sometimes take a long time before it happens. If the things you do everyday where not sustainable then sooner or later you might get fed up and then you might give up. See also How long does it take for success to happen

So many people give up and stop trying just because they can't take their intolerable schedules anymore and this is how their productivity comes to an end.

Yes of course it's very important to do your best to become productive but if you didn't set tolerable schedules then sooner or later you will stop.

When setting a goal or a daily task always ask yourself that important question : For how long can i keep doing this task without stopping?

If your answer is many years then know that you have chosen the right task and that your chance of success will be much higher.

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