Why do we sometimes feel like wearing a certain color

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why you chose this color today?

For the first instance this might seem like a very simple question but when you look deeper you will find that there are lots of psychological factors involved in this selection process.

Why did you choose to wear that specific color today?
Why did you feel like wearing red today instead of blue?
And do we sometimes feel like wearing certain colors but not others?

First of all this is not a yet another color psychology article where i tell you that wearing a certain color means a certain thing. This article will tell you why on some days you might feel like wearing certain colors while on other days you might not feel like wearing them at all.

The process of selecting what you wear might seem totally random to you while in fact it's governed by many psychological factors that you are not aware of.

Why do we sometimes feel like wearing a certain color

  • 1) To compensate for something: Our daily psychological needs strongly affect each decision we make and this includes the decision of wearing a certain color. If you were feeling guilty because of something that you did on a given day then the next day you might compensate by wearing a color that makes you look more innocent. This why on that day you might feel more like wearing white, pink or a color your associate with holiness such as blue
  • 2) To satisfy a strong psychological need: If you were not feeling in control or if you were feeling weak then you might feel like wearing a certain color that makes you appear stronger. Again all of this happens on the unconscious level and so you might never be aware of the reason that made you choose that color on that day. That's one reason why you might want to wear black or dark blue on a given day. See also Why some people only wear black.
  • 3) To match your mood: We humans tend to choose colors that match our moods on a given day. In my article How depression affects your choice of clothes i explained how depressed people choose to wear certain kinds of clothes and how they can be inclined to wear darker colors. The emotions you experience on a given day can make a certain color appear more appealing to you than other colors.

Important factors to consider

First of all there are many reasons that could motivate a person to wear a certain color on a given day. So you can't say that everyone wearing yellow are actually feeling optimistic on that day because there can be other psychological reasons involved.

Secondly while people have general color preferences still they move within a certain range of colors based on their daily moods and psychological needs. In my article Why you shouldn't be kind to women wearing pink i said that women are 3 times more likely to wear pink when they are the most fertile or when they feel feminine the most.

Finally colors can be considered extensions to our personalities. A person might wear a certain color to project a certain personality trait in a better way or to enhance their image.

So the next time you wear a certain color try to analyze what's going on in your life and you will find a strong reason behind that choice.

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