Why do women have rape fantasies

The psychological reasons that fuel sexual desire

The biggest mistake a person can do when trying to understand sex psychology is to assume that sexual desire doesn't have a psychological purpose. People don't just have sex for the sake of having sex because there are usually many psychological desires that get satisfied through the sexual process, and yes this also includes men. See How psychological factors affect sexual desire.

This means that behind certain sexual desires are deep psychological needs that the person is trying to satisfy. For the first instance rape fantasies might seem like a shocking type of thought because of the horrible nature of the rape process. But the thing you need to know is that those fantasies have nothing to do with real life and that they are just there to help the person vent some of their suppressed emotions. See also Why do people have different sexual fantasies.

A woman who gets rape fantasies never wants to be raped and doesn't even have a single thought about that but when it comes to fantasizing it's a totally different thing. Women get rape fantasies to allow themselves to escape from the pressures and stresses of life in a safe controlled environment.

It's the same exact thing as enjoying a horror movie that involves killing because the person knows that they are 100% safe. Saying that women who get rape fantasies want to be raped is the same as saying that people who see horror movies want to violently kill others. See Why do people like horror movies

Why do women have rape fantasies

Rape fantasies can happen because a woman feels psychologically pressured with responsibilities and stressful tasks. The psychological meaning of rape in such a fantasy is giving away control to someone else and not really wanting to be raped.

Many of the sexual fantasies humans get have a lot to do with the desire to shift control or to pass it to someone else. See also Why some women hate sex

The same exactly could happen to a man who is pressured by the different stressful life tasks. This man might feel like giving control over to a woman and so he might develop the desire to be dominated by a woman during the sexual process. Again this is not a desire to be dominated as much as it's a desire to get a temporary relief from the pressures of life.

There is no wonder that dominant and assertive women usually like to be dominated in bed. Since those women are always put under pressure as a result of the responsibilities they are carrying they sometimes feel like getting a relief through sex. See also Why porn addiction has nothing to do with sexual desire

There is always a psychological reason

Any sexual desire that a person gets usually has a certain psychological reason behind it even if it seemed like the person was looking for sex just to have sex.

Some promiscuous women for example are not actually looking for sex as much as they are looking for approval, attention or validation.

Even gay sexual orientation is all about satisfying some core psychological needs that the person developed. While a person might believe they were born with a certain sexual orientation it might be just the fact that they have developed an unmet psychological need during their early years that motivated them to become attracted to the same sex. See also Why are there gay people

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