Why do women like dangerous men

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why is the dangerous man attractive to women

When i talk about women in this article i am referring to the general population of women with the exception of a few of them. In my previous article Do women really like sensitive men i said that while the majority of women prefer the tough, Macho and dangerous man some do actually prefer sensitive men.

What might seem more confusing is that even though many women state that they want to be with sensitive men they end up with cold and emotionally unavailable men.

So the important question here is why would a woman like a dangerous man given that this man might be cold, aggressive, abusive or even a psychopath.

The answer lies in the basic needs most women have which are the needs for protection and safety. In my book The psychology of physical attraction i said that women always look for the strong man who can protect them and their offspring. Of course there are exceptions to that rule but the majority of women still think that way.

While on their way to search for that strong, macho, protective and dominant male many women get attracted to the wrong men as a result of misunderstanding them. It's not that women want bad men but it's just the fact that the sings they are looking for might lead them to the wrong men. See also Why do good women fall for bad men

Why women fall for the wrong men

When women see one side of a person's personality they automatically conclude other parts of his personality. While women are very smart when it comes to detecting potential qualities of males still they can make many perception errors that result in letting them fall for the wrong people.

A woman might assume that the dangerous or even the overly aggressive man has enough strength and power to protect her and her offspring. And because the need of protection is a strong biological need for women they can't resist but getting attracted to that kind of male.

In my article Why do women find bad boys attractive i said that the nice guy loses not because he is nice but because he doesn't manage to advertise the important qualities women are looking for.

That angry-looking tattooed guy riding a bike might look much more interesting to women than that nice guy wearing classical clothes. It's just the fact that women associate the dangerous looks with the man's ability to protect them. See 5 Reasons an Angry Face Makes a Man More Attractive to Women

In some cases those women turn out to be right but in some other cases things go completely wrong.

Making the wrong choice

In some cases women end up with abusive, distant and emotionally-cold men by mistake. Many nice guys think that women like abusive and emotionally-cold men but that's not correct. Women want the strong and protective man but while looking for such a man many of them fall for the wrong type of men.

If you are a nice guy reading this then i have good news for you. In order to attract women you need to display qualities that show that you are strong, capable, protective and dominant. You don't have to be aggressive, unfriendly or cold in order to display those qualities. See How to become a bad boy without being bad.

If you are a woman then you need to pay attention while looking for a potential mate and to wait for some time before you get into a relationship in order not to fall for the wrong person.

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