Why does my mood change at night

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why your mood changes all of a sudden

Why does your mood change at night?
Why do you sometimes feel bad out of the blue?
Why do you sometimes all of a sudden start worrying about something you weren't worried about?

When i talked about mood swings earlier i said that our moods swing when we receive an external input from our environment through our senses.

Let me explain this one more time. Let's suppose that you had a serious problem with work and that there was a chance that you would get fired. Now obviously whenever you remember this problem you will feel bad and you might start worrying. See Why worrying is not pointless.

Now if you do like many people and try to forget about this problem then you might get peace of mind for sometime. But as soon as something reminds you of this problem your mood is going to swing. See Why keeping yourself busy when facing a problem never works.

Now here is the trick.

In such a case you won't only feel bad when someone brings up the subject of work but you will also feel bad whenever anything reminds you of this problem directly or indirectly. Seeing any person with a uniform might actually remind you of your problem on an unconscious level and so your mood might swing all of a sudden. See Why does my mood go up and down.

Why does my mood change at night

This is only a part of the story.

Now when any single change happens in your environment your brain automatically scans for any new changes and as a result it remembers all of your problems.

If for example music suddenly started playing then probably your brain will check to see if any new changes happened and as it does so it will remember the things that used to bother you.

If you tried to become very conscious of your worry attacks you will realize that they usually happen after some kind of a change has taken place. See Why do i worry when i try to do anything.

Now this brings us to the ultimate conclusion. When the night comes a big change happens. Your brain realizes that something big has changed and so it tries to scan for any changes. And when your brain does so it remembers your existing problems and so you end up feeling bad.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that our moods swing when we remember our already existing problems. Because most people try to forget about their problems all the time they keep getting unpleasant reminders about them from their brains.

The problem with darkness

When it becomes dark your brain concludes that the day has ended. In the morning you might have had hopes to experience some changes in your life but as the night comes this hope gets reduced and so your mood swings.

It's as if the night marks the end of the day without experiencing any progress in your life. This is why what happens in the morning will greatly determine how you will feel in the night.

Also the end of the day will usually motivate the brain to think about the next days and in turn the future. If you have any big concerns related to the future then you might feel bad at night. See also The reason your emotions keep changing all the time.

So to summarize this all. Your brain keeps making checks all the time and especially whenever a change happens to make sure everything is alright. If the results of those checks were not good then your mood will certainly swing.

And yes you are not bipolar.
Those who don't have enough knowledge fooled you.

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