Why happiness is a destination not a journey

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why happiness is a destination not a journey

I know this might sound like a shocking title. After all, most people agree that happiness is a journey not a destination but the important question you must ask yourself is : are those people really happy or are they claiming to be happy?

For some reason happiness is one of the most misunderstood sciences, not because it's complex but because everyone tries to write about it without being properly informed. So many people have created so many false ideologies that never lead to true happiness. Some of those false ideologies gain popularity, even though they are false, because they are easy to apply.

Let's admit it, we humans are lazy beings. After all we were designed for survival , not goal setting, and as result we feel like conserving energy whenever that is possible. See also Why some people are lazy.

This is one reason why so many do-nothing-schools are popular. So many happiness schools targets the lazy nature of humans by promising them happiness in exchange of nothing. Those schools appeal to so many people because they are easy to apply and require no effort.

The process of changing our beliefs as humans is very difficult to most of us. This is why so many people stick to those false schools even though they are not getting any results and even defend them fiercely when someone challenges them. See Why do people stick to their incorrect opinions

In such a case the fear of facing the truth or the fear of admitting that they were living a lie motivates those people to keep protecting their false beliefs. But does this make them any happy?

Of course this never happens.

Let's give up while claiming that we didn't

So many people use the "happiness is a journey" motto to find a short cut to feel happy without reaching their important goals or satisfying their important needs.

And because true happiness is nothing more than a feeling that a person gets when they satisfy their important needs those people , who believe in that motto, never find true happiness.

It's much easier for a person to claim that they are happy right now instead of admitting that they have important goals to reach. So many people adopt that belief just because they are tired of fighting or because they lost hope in reaching their important goals.

In other words this belief is in many cases a subtle way of giving up or admitting that life didn't work as planned.

In my previous article Why enjoying the journey motto is a total nonsense i said that there is no problem at all in trying to enjoy the journey as long as you are still trying to finish the journey.

But if you did like the most ,who develop that belief in order to stop fighting, then there is a serious problem that you must deal with.

How to be happy right now

In my book The 5 Minute Happiness Formula i explained that instant happiness is only possible when you fuel your hopes for the future so that your subconscious mind believes that you are going to reach your important goals.

Once your subconscious mind believes that you are on your way to satisfy your important needs and reach your important goals then it will make you happy even if you didn't reach those goals yet.

But if you told the subconscious mind not to bother much about the destination , that it cares about a lot, then it will come back at you with bad emotions, nightmares, mood swings, panic attacks, psychological disorders and depression.

If something truly matters to your subconscious mind then no matter what you try to do to make it seem less important it won't give up on it. If you want true happiness then you need to work towards your destination instead of procrastinating while claiming that you are enjoying the journey.

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