Why hope is bad

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why you must lose hope

Don't get this article wrong
I always want you to have hope to reach your important goals.

However in some situations i want you to lose hope because hope can be truly destructive.
Let me explain more.

Life has got lots of setbacks and disappointments especially if you were trying to succeed or to do anything useful. Now when most people go through those setbacks they cling to the wrong type of hope.

Those people stay attached to the status Quo or to the things that they had yesterday and so they keep suffering.
The key to eliminating all kinds of suffering is to lose hope then start all over.

Let me give you a very famous example. A typical person could want to get into a good relationship but for some unexpected reason they might end up with a breakup.

In my book How to get over anyone in few days i said that the main reason people suffer after breakups is the 1% hope that they have to return back to this relationship.

It's this 1% of hope that prevents the acceptance phase from ever starting. The person remains in the same exact emotional state hoping that things will get better but in many cases this doesn't happen.

Now in such a case it must be very clear to you that i am not asking this person to lose hope in reaching the main goal ,which is having a great relationship, but i am asking this person to lose hope in this exact situation in order to recover then start over. See also 10 Ways to get over breakups fast.

Why hope is bad

So many of the bad emotions we experience on daily basis are either directly or indirectly connected to the wrong type of hope. Let's take worrying as an example.

Worrying is a very destructive emotion that a person experiences whey they can't tolerate the possibility of a certain worse case happening. In my article The ultimate solution to end worrying i said that if you can't tolerate a certain possibility then you will always worry.

If for example you can't tolerate the loss of your job then you might keep worrying about it all the time. Now when you give up hope and prepare yourself 100% for this possible loss then your worries will go away.

The moment you accept the worst possibility by losing hope you will never worry again.
And again let me remind you that you are never giving up on the main plan. If your goal is to get a great job then you will still start another job search after you lose this job.

The main reason you are suffering now is because you have hope that you won't lose this job.
A part of you is telling that you should never accept this kind of loss and this is why you are suffering. See How to stop worrying immediately

Why attachment makes you weak

When you get attached to anything that you have then you will become extremely weak.
You will worry about losing it all the time.
You will get very depressed if you believed you might lose it
And you will feel totally helpless.

Attachment to things is a state of hope where a part of you hopes that the current things you have will never be taken away. And this is exactly why you became weak.

If you want to be truly strong then you need to stop getting attached to the things that you have and you need to learn how to give up hope completely at some points.

You need to learn how to embrace starting again and beginning from ground zero.
Only then acceptance will happen.
And you won't become weak anymore.

You would never accept the loss of anything before you admit that you lost that thing , only then healing can happen. It's the 1 percent hope that keeps you suffering

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