Why it is sometimes Easier to Believe a Lie than the Truth

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

This happens sometimes

First of all this is not a general rule of life. There is no rule that says that believing in lies is easier than believing in the truth ,however, in many cases people find it much easier to believe in a lie.

The first question you need to ask yourself here is why would someone ever believe a lie?
Don't we all want to know the truth?

Well that's not a correct question to ask. Most people don't want to know the truth as much as they want to feel good about themselves or as much as they want to forget about the things that make them feel bad.

Let's suppose that an average looking person was complimented about his looks. In such a case that person will want to believe in this statement simply because it would feel very unpleasant if the truth was otherwise.

We need to believe in some things

This leads us to the first and the most important point that leads to believing in lies. We sometimes believe in things just because we need to believe in them and not because they are real things. If a certain belief is required in order for a person to feel good then this person might believe in it, even if it was wrong, just to feel better.

In my previous article Why do people stick to their incorrect opinions i explained how people develop certain beliefs in order to maintain their psychological stability.

In such a case any threat to that belief is considered a threat to the person's psychological stability. In such case the person doesn't just believe in a lie but he also defends it strongly because he won't be able to handle the psychological pressure that he will go through if he admitted that he was wrong. See Why do we always want to be right.

Because the truth can be harsh

In the Ultimate guide to developing Super powers i said that in many cases facing the truth requires a tremendous amount of courage for it can be very harsh. Most humans have an intense desire to escape from their problems and to even construct a false reality just to avoid facing the truth. See Why most people live a twisted reality

In addition to all that we selectively choose the pieces of data we want to consider true and we ignore everything else. Our brains can easily allow us to discard a fact and to focus on another one just because the later matches what we want to believe in.

Because we want to believe in certain things our brains help us do so by distracting us from the the evidence that proves otherwise. This is why we selectively filter data just to keep the lies we believe in intact.

Because we have no knowledge

The easiest person to lie to is a young toddler. And why is that?
Because that young kid knows very little things about the world. The less a person knows the easier it is for someone to fool them.

This is another reason why so many people believe in lies. Many people don't take knowledge seriously and as a result end up being fooled by others.

Because we are emotional beings

Even the smartest human can be deceived and fooled once emotions get involved. In my previous article What causes mass delusions and mass hysteria i said that once emotions get involved a smart human can become just like a little child.

It's much easier for a person to believe a lie when he is controlled by emotions such as fear or anxiety. And because we are emotional beings we can easily believe in things just because our brains aren't working properly because of those emotions.

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