Why life gets harder after high school or college

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why Nostalgia happens

Why do you think people get nostalgic?
In my previous article Why i feel nostalgic i explained how people tend to remember the good past when the present doesn't go so well. People who are facing hard times are more likely to become nostalgic since the good memories of the past provide a good escapement environment from the current misfortunes.

I am pretty sure you heard so many people saying that life was easier when they were still studying and now it got really hard. That's a very common complain that you might hear from so many people.

But the important question here is, who do many people believe that their lives were easier when they were at high school or college?

Here is a list of possible reasons.

Why life gets harder after high school or college

  • 1) Uncertainty: The first thing that makes life after college or high school seem harder is that the person faces a great amount of uncertainty. During school days the person lives within a highly predicable system where he doesn't really have to plan for the future. You never find a high school student wondering what will he do with his life after finishing grade 10 simply because he knows that he will go to grade 11. See dealing with uncertainty
  • 2) Having to make decisions: For many people the decision making process is scary especially when the environment is uncertain. When a person completes his education he finds himself in a world of unlimited possibilities and as a result he might fear taking decisions. See Inability to make a decision
  • 3) Much more responsibilities: During school days all what a person needs to think about is getting good grades and making friends. That's like 90% of what matters to most people at that age. When a person graduates so many other variables get into his life such as money, bills, his job, his career , his boss...etc
  • 4) Reduced intimacy: In my previous article Why do many people feel lonely after finishing high school or college i said that intimacy can get reduced after a person completes his education if he didn't manage to keep some good friends. The lack of intimacy can lead to loneliness, depression and can make life seem much harder

How to make life easier after graduation

First of all in order to be fair to yourself you need to look at the possibilities just like you are looking for the threats. Yes no one likes uncertainty but the good news is that you can now become anything you want. Previously you were just a student and if you were lucky you could have been a popular student but there was nothing more that you could have done.

Now you can become a successful person, a popular one or even a one who changes the world. Nothing comes for free and price for the unlimited possibilities is some uncertainty.

Next you need to have a good plan to follow in order to reduce the amount of uncertainty. I talked about the benefits of writing a plan many times before and certainly one of those benefits is being able to reduce the uncertainty in your life.

You also need to make sure that you have a strong social support system. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that without a strong social support system , that includes few intimate friends, your life can become really hard.

You don't have to have tens of friends as long as you have few intimate ones. So as you see the reason life becomes harder for people after graduation is that they play it wrong.

Do the right things and your life after graduation can be even better than your life before it.

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