Why many men don't like feminists

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What attracts men

Language can be a bit tricky and this is why i have to define what is the meaning of feminism according to the scope of this article.

A feminist is a women who stands up for women's rights and who does her best to make sure that women are equal to men. For the first instance this mission seems like a great one. After all why would this mission cause any kind of problem?

And why would a man ever have a problem with a woman who wants to protect the rights of women?

First of all let's forget about any cultural differences and talk directly about biology. Whether you live in a place that respects women's rights or a place that doesn't the psychology of the Male is always going to be the same.

It's a known fact that men like women with an hourglass body shape. Whether the man is in an isolated tribe in Africa or a modern city in Japan that preference is always going to be the same.

The male brain is simply hard wired to find certain types of women attractive no matter where the male was raised or what cultural values they have.

Most men find the more feminine women much more attractive than the less feminine women. Traits such as sensitivity,friendliness, agreeableness and cheerfulness make a woman much more attractive to a man.

It's no wonder that studies have found that women who smile often are found to be much more attractive to men. See also Does smiling make you look weak.

The fact that smiling makes a woman look more agreeable and more feminine makes her much more attractive to the typical male who likes the feminine women because of biological reason.

The problem with Feminists

The big problem with many feminists is that they adopt values that goes against femininity without realizing that they are doing so. Nothing turns a typical man off, anywhere around the world, than an aggressive or an overly assertive female. See also What attracts men

Many feminists lose track of feminism while trying to call for Women's rights. Instead of asking for rights that make life fair to women they just try to transform women into males by adopting masculine values.

Behaviors such as aggression, assertiveness and lack of agreeableness are usually reinforced by those feminists indirectly.

As women move away from feminine values and move towards masculine values they become much less attractive to the typical man.

Men like feminine women

Men are hard hired to like agreeable and submissive women. The more closer to feminine values a woman is the more attractive men will find her to be. While many feminists start their quests with good intentions they usually end up idolizing masculine values and motivating other women to adopt them. See also The psychology of attraction

The same works the other way for Women. Men who act in a feminine way and who adopt feminine values are found to be very unattractive by most women.

So if women get turned off by those feminine men then certainly it makes a lot of sense that men find those masculine women much less attractive as well.

While there are certainly exceptions for every rule still the majority of men will always find the feminine woman much more attractive that the woman who adopts masculine values.

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