Why masturbation is wrong

The problem with pleasing yourself

So many people think that if they are doing something that doesn't harm others then it's OK to do it. Also because there are no clear physical damage caused by masturbation many people think that it's totally harmless to masturbate.

And while you won't be harming anybody or ruining your health while doing so you might actually be damaging your mood, mental health and even your brain.

The first problem with masturbation is that your brain will always realize that you are trying to sexually satisfy yourself in the absence of a real sex partner. This conclusion could lead to the following problems:

  • 1) Feeling like a loser: Even if the thought doesn't come directly to your mind still your subconscious mind might make that conclusion. Your subconscious mind might believe that you are not successful in your relationships and this is why you are trying to please yourself that way. See also Why masturbation will never help you release sexual frustration
  • 2) Feeling lonely: Masturbation results in the release of chemicals that promote bonding and intimacy. When those chemicals are released while you are alone then you might feel like a loner.
  • 3) Damage to your self esteem: If your mind believed that you are trying to satisfy your sexual desires because you couldn't satisfy them otherwise then your self esteem will become lower. In the ultimate guide to breaking porn and masturbation addiction i said that most people look for sexual images that resemble the people they want to be with, the people they never managed to attract or even the people who rejected them.

The problem of having conflicting beliefs

People have different beliefs about masturbation. Some think that it's religiously wrong, some think that its immoral while others think that it's shameful.

In my previous article Why do people feel guilty after masturbation i said that even if you think that Masturbation is OK you might still feel very guilty if a part of you connects it to shame.

Most people who were caught by their parents masturbating felt extremely ashamed even if they had no religious beliefs that go against masturbation. Now as this shame becomes associated with the act itself the person will still feel very guilty when they masturbate. See Why masturbation can ruin your mood

In other words your beliefs about masturbation determine the level of guilt and shame you will feel after doing it.

Why Masturbation is wrong for your brain

Masturbation might not have clear physical harm but certainly it affects your brain in a bad way. When you masturbate the following might happen to you:

  • 1) Lack of motivation to pursue real people: Many people use masturbation to satisfy their sexual unmet needs such as when people look for images that resemble the ones who rejected them. As you do so you waste your energy on masturbation and thus become less motivated to pursue real people. See also This is why you can't stop watching porn
  • 2) It changes the brain chemistry: Excessive masturbation can result in addition, a change in brain chemistry and lowering of overall levels of motivation. See Watching porn increases sexual frustration.
  • 3) Changing sexual orientation: As a person keeps watching porn or even pleasing themselves their sexual orientation might slowly change until they find themselves having twisted desires. See How watching Porn can make you Homosexual

In short masturbation can have a serious effect on your brain, overall mood and mental health even if it doesn't seem to have any bad physical effects on you.

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