Why men like women with an hourglass figure

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How attraction works

When it comes to the psychology of attraction many people mistakenly think that we like good looks for their own sake but that's totally wrong.

While we tend to find certain physical features attractive, whether we are males or females, such as facial symmetry for example this still doesn't mean that we like the feature for its physical aspect.

Humans were designed to like certain physical features because they serve other purposes that most of them won't be thinking about when they find someone attractive.

For example women tend to find men with more masculine faces more attractive than men with less masculine faces just because they unconsciously think that this man can protect them and provide for them.

In other words women don't like the facial features themselves but they like the meaning those features signify even if they weren't aware of their subconscious needs. See also What makes a man's face attractive.

This is good news for everybody because this means that you can still attract someone even if they were not your type. By just sending the important signals a person is looking for in a different way ,other than looks, you can still attract people to you. See also How to know the type your crush likes.

Why men like women with an hourglass figure

So why do men like women with an hourglass figure?
This happens because of reasons that have nothing to do with the physical shape itself.
Here is the explanation:

  • 1) It indicates better health: Women with an hourglass figure have better hormones and overall health. This means that mating with such a woman can result in a healthy offspring. This is one aspect of attraction that always motivates men to seek healthy women
  • 2) They are better able to conceive : Men find women who are better able to conceive children much more attractive than other women. Again men never understand the connection but they just find certain physical features attractive without realizing that they are signs that a woman can easily become pregnant. See 9 things that make a woman's face attractive to men
  • 3) Curves are considered feminine: Men find women with more feminine features more attractive than women with less feminine features. For most people curves and round features are signs of femininity and so they make a woman seem more attractive. See also why do people like certain facial features

It's very obvious that the system of attraction was designed to help humans mate, have healthy children and maintain the continuity of their species.

The waist to hip ratio

So what's the extremely alluring thing about the hourglass shape?
It's simply the waist to hip ratio. The waist to hip ratio is the number you get when you divide the width of the waist by the width of the hips.

The most ideal waist to hip ratio when it comes to physical attractiveness of a woman is 0.8. This means that the woman's waist waist should be narrower than her hips by a specific amount.

Men are hard wired to find women with waist to hip ratio near 0.8 extremely attractive.
This has nothing to do with how skinny a woman is.

The preference for skinny vs curvy is actually created by our culture and it has nothing to do with the biological design of the male mind. But the factor that never changes throughout the centuries is the man's desire for a woman with an ideal waist to hip ratio.

People who don't understand how others perceive physical attraction usually develop the imagined ugliness disorder.

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