Why men who talk less are more attractive to women

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Don't get attraction psychology wrong

Just like any other science there are so many different factors involved that determines the final result in attraction psychology. You can't just make a conclusion based on one single factor then assume that you are right because this is not how the world works.

When you find a person attractive it's probably because tens , if not hundreds, of factors came together. This is why you need to understand that even though one factor could affect the attractiveness of a person still the overall attractiveness is determined by many other factors coming together. See also How men and women perceive attractiveness.

Why men who talk less are more attractive to women

One of the things that makes a man more attractive to women is the way he talks. Studies have shown that women find men who speak less and use more concise words to be more attractive than men who talk a lot.

But what's the logic behind that?
First of all we humans are subject to belief programming by the other humans we live around. Since our early days and no matter where we live we keep getting told to man up and not speak much about our problems.

As a result of this mind programming we start to develop the belief that men should not open up easily or speak about their own problems.

In such a case it won't really matter whether that belief is right or wrong as long as many people believe in it. Based on that belief women consider the silent type who doesn't speak much more attractive than the one who keeps talking all the time.

In addition to that i spoke earlier about how being mysterious can make you much more attractive to others whether you are a man or a woman. When a man speaks less he seems more mysterious to women and so they consider him more interesting. See Why being mysterious works.

Studies have also shown that higher testosterone levels might make a man less likely to talk. I said earlier that women tend to find the masculine and strong man much more attractive than any other type of man. When a man speaks less women might be able to sense that he is more masculine and so find him more attractive. See The kind of man women like.

How to become more attractive to women

When you talk to a woman make sure your words are direct and to the point. Be very clear and concise. Always try to deliver your message in the shortest possible number of words.

And again let me remind you that talking more won't make you unattractive because it's all about how all of the factors involved come together to determine your overall level of attractiveness.

People who don't understand how others perceive physical attraction usually develop the imagined ugliness disorder.

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