Why most men don't like intimidating women

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Who is the intimidating woman?

An intimidating woman is a woman who adheres more to masculine values than feminine values. There could be many definitions for what an intimidating woman could be but in most cases the term will be referring to women who display more aggression than average women.

A woman who is overly assertive, a woman who has aggression tendencies and a woman who is less feminine than other women could be considered an intimidating women by many men.

Any male , with disregard to his geographical location, will have a strong desire to feel strong, capable and more masculine. The main reason those men don't feel comfortable around those intimidating women is that they threaten their feelings of masculinity. See also Why many men don't like Feminists.

The beautiful thing about the psychology of attraction is that it follows predefined biological rules that hardly change from one person to another. Most women for example find strong men more attractive than weak men.

The desire to be with a strong male is a biological need that rarely changes unless the woman has been through a messed up childhood.

The same also goes for men. Most men would find the woman who possesses more feminine values more attractive than other women.

Why most men don't like intimidating women

The typical male would always want to feel more masculine around the female they are with. This is why the female that displays more feminine values is found attractive to most males.

Once a woman starts getting closer to masculine values the man might feel threatened and intimidated. See also What attracts men (the psychology of attraction of males) & Why some men don't like strong women.

There is no wonder then that men find women with feminine facial features more attractive than other women. Big eyes, small facial features and large lips are all signs of high levels of feminine hormones. In other words men are biologically wired to find the feminine female more attractive than the less feminine female. See also 9 things that make a woman's face attractive to men.

So the important question here is what are the masculine values and who defines them?
While those values can vary a little bit between one culture to another still the main outline will always be the same.

A woman must be less assertive, less aggressive and less dominant than males. Once a woman gets close to the boundaries of masculine values she is found to be intimidating and less attractive by most males. See also Why men like women with an hourglass figure.

There are exceptions

While attraction is highly biological still some environmental factors can override the biological desire people have and so force them to get attracted to totally different kinds of people.

Some women for example like submissive and passive men while some men only like overly assertive women. While those are certainly the exceptions still they are not uncommon cases and you can encounter them in every society. See Why some women like shy men

So as a general rule men will be repelled by the intimidating women but this doesn't mean that there won't be some males out there who would be searching for this type of woman.

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