Why most psychologists don't really help

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

You are sick!

There are certainly great psychologists out there who provide great help to people.
But just like there are some good ones there are also many ones who never help people feel good.

Have you ever visited a psychologist, kept talking about your problems then right after finishing your talk the psychologist recommended one kind of medication then asked you to leave?

Today this is the common theme for many psychologists around the world.
They don't really give solutions to your problems but they just prescribe to you some pain killers while ignoring the main problem causing the pain. See Why medications are no good for treating anxiety and depression.

And when you ask those psychologists for real solutions they will tell you that you are mentally sick. They try to label you as if you have some kind of a rare diseases that requires immediate attention.

Your burning desire to achieve some goals, your true needs in life and the things that truly matter to you the most are considered worthless

And instead you are told that you are sick
And that you need treatment.

Why most psychologists don't really help

So why can't most psychologists truly help you with your problems?
Here are the most common reasons:

  • 1) They don't understand the disorder: Today it's extremely quite common for psychologists to label you with labels such as bipolar or borderline when they don't quite understand what's happening to you. What if you were not bipolar but your mood was just shifting from one phase to another based on the triggers you are coming across in your life? What if your brain chemicals were fine but you were just too depressed because you can't get something that really matters to you? See Why you are not bipolar & Why Borderline personality disorder doesn't exist
  • 2) They think you are sick: Instead of knowing that your true desires in life and the things that matter to you govern your emotions and causes bad moods many psychologists assume that you are getting those bad moods because you are sick. They try to make you think that the problem is with your brain chemistry instead of realizing that emotional changes happen when your brain wants to deliver a very important message to you. See The reason your emotions keep changing all the time.
  • 3) They don't have time for psychotherapy Not all psychologists lack knowledge. Many of those who don't actually help know how to help but they just don't have enough time for psychotherapy. Those psychologists prefer to prescribe a pain killer , or medication as they call it, than to keep talking to you for long periods of time
  • 4) They treat the symptoms not the problem: Many psychologists do their best to treat the symptoms of a certain disorder while ignoring the problem that caused the symptom. Even if the psychologist succeeded in such a case shortly the disorder will reappear in a different form and new symptoms will show up. See How to treat psychological disorders
  • 5) They don't give action plans: Many psychologists don't give an action plan to the client. But instead they try to silence them either using medication or by convincing them that they have a mental disorder. In all cases the problems never get solved and the client feels worse. See Why so many people are depressed.

How to help yourself

If you really want to end emotional pain then find a psychologist who listens, understands you very well and then recommends real life solutions and not pain killers. Only then you can feel better again.

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